Jun 29, 2014; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Royals first basemen Eric Hosmer (35) at bat against the Los Angeles Angels during the third inning at Kauffman Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Eric Hosmer is not Fixed Yet

Since we questioned Eric Hosmer‘s performance over the past week, the Royals first baseman has been on a bit of a tear lately. As much as we would like to think that Hosmer reads the articles here and has used the doubters as fuel for a bit of a resurgence, we are aware that such things are likely not the case (we can always hope though). Regardless of the reason, Hosmer has seen his bat start to show signs of life lately.

Since Ned Yost moved Hosmer to the second spot in the lineup, he has responded with a .282/.378/.282 batting line, raising his batting average to .255 for the season. Hosmer, who had been a strikeout machine through the first two and a half months of the season, has only struck out five times in 39 at bats while drawing six walks. Considering that Hosmer still only has 23 walks on the season, the recent patience at the plate is certainly great to see and may be a sign that he is truly breaking out of his early season malaise.

However, there is still a reason for concern. Even though Eric Hosmer has eleven hits in his last ten games and has been drawing walks, he has not hit for much power during that stretch. Actually, he has not hit for any power, as none of his hits have gone for extra bases. In fact, Hosmer’s last extra base hit occurred back on June 15th, when he hit a home run off of Adnre Rienzo in the Royals 6-3 victory over the Chicago White Sox.

It is certainly great to see that Hosmer is beginning to make more consistent contact and that he is once again drawing walks. Yet, that inability to hit for anything close to power has to be a concern. Even though Hosmer is never going to be confused with any of the great sluggers in baseball, the Royals need him to be more than a singles hitter who draws the occasional walk. That type of hitter may work at short, especially with the type of defense that Hosmer provides, but at first, there needs to be the threat for extra bases. Hosmer simply has not been that over the past two and a half weeks.

In theory, the idea of moving Eric Hosmer up in the lineup should alleviate some of these problems. With having either Lorenzo Cain or Alcides Escobar on base in front of him, the threat of the stolen base should allow Hosmer to see more fastballs, which should give him a better chance to get an extra base hit. That, however, just has not happened yet.

Eric Hosmer is showing signs of life and that he may be getting himself back on track. Yet, until he starts driving the ball with authority and getting extra base hits, Hosmer has not been fixed.

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  • cardsfanatik

    It doesn’t matter. They can’t and won’t beat Oakland. Can Billy Beane be our GM. Now if Dayton will get off his ass and get some offense, I won’t be so pessimistic. But as of right now, it ain’t lookin good.

    • Tyler_KC_Fan

      I just have a hard time believing that someone who hates a team so much can actually be fan. You don’t like the players on the team, you don’t like the management of the team, you don’t really like anything about the team. And based off of everything you say about the team you haven’t liked the team in years. Your name on here is even CARDSfanatik. So what exactly makes you a fan of the Royals? Or are you just commenting on these posts to make your point about how much you don’t like the Royals?

      The Royals aren’t going to be making any moves to being in a bigger bat because they don’t have anything to trade away to get that bat. Who could the Royals possibly trade away that will give them the big power bat the”need”? Please, drop the Beltre dream too. Never will that happen. Quinton, terrible. He would be a wasted trade. Zobrist, maybe, but he is getting old. Byrd, maybe, but once again he’s getting old. Then the long pause…….. and we have finally figured out their is no one else.

      Are we all tired of watching Dayton Moore spin his wheels every year? Yeah we are. Are we confused about some of the moves Yost makes? Yeah we are. But the difference between this year and any other year since 1994 and 2003 is this team can actually play competitive baseball nearly every game. You want more power, fine, where are we going to get it and for what price? You can’t run a team like you would on your PS4 or Xbox. You can’t switch “fair trades” off and get who ever you want for some stupid price. Everything comes with a price and we don’t exactly have the chips to go out and find a 30+ HR hitter.

      So if you want to be negative, fine. Ruin every experience of this year by looking strictly at the score board and thinking one hitter is going to change the dynamics of the team. Or, watch the games and see that Hosmer is batting nearly .280 in the 2-spot. That Salvy is finally getting back on track. That Moose is nearly batting .200 and has been around the .230-.240 mark since being called up and STILL HITTING HRS. Look at Cain still batting over .300 consistently. Infante and Colon doing a great job at 2B and hitting the ball. Or even Escobar having a career year. Gordon and Butler may be stuggling or a hit miss, but that’s not the end of the world. The team can’t consistently hit HRs. We knew that before the year started. So quite bitching about power and accept the fact that they aren’t going to hit a HR every game.

      The Royals are 4 games back from Detroit and 2.5 games back in the Wild Card. So please. keep coplaining. When they make the playoffs I am going to enjoy reading all your posts about how they finally did it even though you bitched and moaned the whole way there.

      • cardsfanatik

        This team, as constructed, won’t make the playoffs. It will be another “close but no cigar” for KC. This team can’t hit HR’s, and it can’t “consistently” get men on base to win the game with doubles and singles. They can’t do any of the shit they NEED to do to win. Thats what pisses me off. If your not going to be a power team, fine. But then you HAVE to be an OBP team, which they’re not. They swing at shit, and can’t hit the good stuff. Cain is doing well, yes, and hopefully Colon doesn’t turn into the next Angel Berroa. Butler needs to be playing somewhere else. and WOO HOO, Moustakas is hitting ALMOST .200. Break out the champagne!! Hosmer…….we signed him to hit singles in the 2 hole? Well, I must have been mistaken there. Optimism is ok, but blind kool-aid drinking faith is not. I don’t “hate” this team, What I hate is the fact that they are soooo close, but yet so far. And if you don’t see it, thats cool, but this isn’t a playoff team. Other teams won’t sit on their collective asses and do nothing at the trade deadline, and if Moore does, he’s a failure. But he will have just proven what I have known for years…1) He’s either just a shitty GM, or 2)Glass truly has NO intention of putting them over the top as owner. 2 I have a hard time believing, since the Royal’s are like 13th in payroll this year, but magically still “trailing” for a playoff spot. Yep, they are 4 games behind Detroit, who have played like utter shit up until just a couple weeks ago. What about when Detroit heats up, or Cleveland heats up? I’m not trying to crush your optimism, but you keep your optimism, I’ll stick to the realism.

        • Tyler_KC_Fan

          There is a difference between a realist and someone who just complains. You aren’t a realist because all you do is complain. Your ways of fixing the team aren’t realistic. Your methods and ideas are straight up fantasy. Who is out there that can really make that big of a difference for the Royals that they can afford? Marlon Byrd is the most effective player that they can afford and hit for some power. NO ONE ELSE. I’m optimistic about this team because they have given us reasons to be optimistic. “Another ‘close but no cigar’ year”? You realize that last year was the first year we were competitive going into September since 1994 right? The team finally starts playiing competitive so you whine and complain? Come on. I’m so tired of reading articles and peoples comments about how bad the Royals are and how this team can’t win. Wake up! They are winning! Detroit isn’t gods gift to the world, so stop looking at them like they are. Watch the games. Not just sitting there with the TV/radio on or sitting in the stands, actually watch the game.

          They wont make the playoff because they don’t hit HRs? That’s seriously your only argument? How about the fact that they have a Top-5 team batting average? Or even though they have 40 less HRs than Detroit they are only 4 games back from them? Or that fact that LAA who was constructed on power hitting is only 2.5 games ahead of the Royals? If you chose to ignore those facts, then you have to ignore the lack of power the team has. You seem to be one of very few people that thought the Royals had power this year when they have consistently proved that they don’t have that type of power.

          If they NEED HRs to win, how did they win 45 games this year so far? How are they still over .500 if they NEED HRs to win? If they need to get on base, they have 5 player batting .289 or higher, is that not good enough for you? Hosmer, , Ibanez, Moose, Butler, Infante and Gordon are the only players on the team batting under .289. Hosmer is batting around .280 since being moved to the 2-spot. Ibanez is batting .250 with the Royals, Moose is nearly batting .200 now and has been batting nearly. 240 since being called up. Butler was just at .280 before the road series and Gordon was right there as well. Infante has struggled a little but is batting nearly .300 with RISP. Who cares if there OPS isn’t Top 10? Is that really what defines a team? Are HRs really defining the league? Because if so, Detroit should be dominating the league. LAA should be dominating the league. So come up with a new excuse because the lack of power is getting extremely old. Hosmer has never hit over 20 HRs, so why are you expecting him to do that now? You are setting UNrealistic goals. Wake up, look at the team, and stop thinking we have a power house player. We have base hitting players. We steal bases. We play small-ball offense and rely on defense and pitching. But continue being a realistic fan and thinking the offense is going to hit tons of HRs.

          By the way, they Royals have a better record than the defending World Series Champions and are 2 games behind the NL Champion Cardinals. But…the Royals are terrible so I guess that doesn’t mean anything, right?

          The Royals are 19th in payroll this year at $92,034,345. The only team that is spending less money this year and in playoff contention still is Oakland at $83,401,400 (without Samardzija and Hammel’s salaries included). Royals are doing better than the Yankees who are spending $203,812,506 this year. The Rangers are spending $136,036,172. Boston is spending $162,817,411. Detroit is spennding $162,228,527 and are only FOUR GAMES ABOVE THE ROYALS. Who cares how much money they are spending. Money obviously drives the league, but the Royals don’t have the money to contend that way. Oakland is really good at finding players that are undervalued and keeping them for cheap. Something the Royals are trying to do as well. So once again, your idea of the Royals are spending all this money and still getting shit that I’m sure you’re thinking is pointless. They are looking sweet because they aren’t spending that much money and still contending.

          “What about when Detroit heats up, or Cleveland heats up?” What a dumb question. What if the Royals heat up?? Teams are going to heat up and cool off. Hints the Royals winning 10 in a row. But chose to ignore that. You seem to do a great job ignoring the positive parts of the team and focusing primarily on the negatives. You aren’t a Royals fan and saying you don’t “hate” the team is you being in denial. You haven’t said ONE positive thing about the Royals all year. Even during the offseason you were bitching and moaning. To be frank, it’s extremely annoying. Why would you subject yourself to something that you hate? You are a Cardinals fan, not a Royals fan. You chose realism? How is your ways of “fixing” the Royals realistic? How is your desire to ignore positive things about the team make you a realist?

          • cardsfanatik

            You didn’t even read what I said, so conversation with you is pointless

          • Tyler_KC_Fan

            No I read everything you said. 90% of it was complaining as well. And you’re right, I made a proposal that would bring one of the best NL players to the Royals. Did I expect the Cubs to trade Samardzjia so soon? Nope, and I doubt most people expected the trade to come this soon as well. By at least I’m not suggesting the Royals trade for Beltre (who Texas isn’t going to just give away) and eat almost $15-$18M a year of his contract. You complain about power? I said Byrd is our best option. You complained about Hosmer, I have you stats about him being in the 2-spot and the type of player he actually is instead of complaining about him sense he’s not the player you want him to be. You mock Moose, yet his been hitting exactly like we all have wanted him to since being called back up. He has 10 HRs through half the year and is now batting .195. So yes, his recent hitting is something to celebrate considering he was around .130 a month and a half ago. You complain about the lack of hitting and OPS, so i said they are ranked 3rd in team batting average. You complain about the lack of power and saying HRs win games, so I showed you two teams that are HR teams and how they are just a few games ahead of the Royals. You complain about the money spent on the team and how we should be better with the amount we spent, yet we are ranked 19th and the only team that spent less that is in contention this year is Oakland. The reason the conversation is “pointless” to you is because all your complain is easily turned into a “fan” of baseball that looks strictly at stats instead of actually watching baseball. My three trades make more sense in Royals standards than your one stupid trade for Beltre/Quinton/whoever else did.

          • cardsfanatik

            I’m beginning to think your an idiot. You can’t spell, and you miss the entirety of my statements, and your stats are wrong. I have said MULTIPLE times, that this team needs OFFENSE. Now, that doesn’t HAVE to come from power, it can come from OBP. However, you can’t field a team that relies on singles and doubles to score runs, with guys that have shitty OBP. BA is fine, if you can advance runners. Which they aren’t doing. What is their run differential, and their BA with RISP? It’s not 3rd. I’m not complaining jackass, I’m giving facts. Samardzija to the Royal’s wasn’t going to happen, NOONE proposed that trade, because it was a retarded trade. The Royal’s didn’t have the prospect package, and NOONE that is in contention is going to give up a power hitter for Shields, as you proposed. The Royal’s are 5th in BA, and 19th in OBP. Only the White Sox, Astros, and Mariner’s are worse with OBP in the A.L. They are 23rd in the slugging department. and they are 29th in pitches seen per AB. This team needs offense, or at least one or two guys that actually know how to WORK A COUNT. It doesn’t need to trade half of their god damn farm for a pitcher who will be here for a year. It doesn’t matter if they have Cy god damn Young on the mound if the offense can’t score more than 1 or 2 runs against the shittiest teams in the league. You are so caught up in one or two stats that you miss the whole sum of the equation. This offense is below average, and doesn’t have what it takes to win the central division away from the Tigers, who are a better team. And I would be surprised if they don’t completely fall out of contention as some of the pitching comes back to Earth. Now, I can’t make it any more clear to you. And I’m not alone in my assessment of the Royal’s and their need for more of a bat in the line up. Why do you think they signed Ibanez? It wasn’t for nostalgia. it was in the hope that he can hit some HR’s. But he’s not going to be enough. If you don’t want power, thats fine. But don’t come at me with Batting Average. Come at me with a team 5th in ON BASE PERCENTAGE, and the ability to drive in runs when they are in scoring postition, and that is the offense this team needs. No, you don’t have to have power, but if you don’t have power, you can’t be sucking hind tit in the OBP department, and expect to have positive results. There are more stats than BA, you should go research them. If ONE hitter every inning gets a hit, thats an awesome batting average. BUT IT SCORES 0 RUNS. Now, if you have guys that watch 5 pitches per AB, and draw a walk, in front of one of those hits, well then, now you have something. This team needs help. If you don’t see it fine, if mediocrity is ok with you, that is fine also. But me, these assholes get paid to win baseball games. And they get paid a lot of money to win baseball games. You have Gordon, Salvy, Esky, and Cain that I wouldn’t trade off this roster offensively. Everyone else would be fair game. Hell, I would trade Holland and let Davis close, if it meant some offense. The pitching staff isn’t going anywhere, and they have been pretty darn good. The offense isn’t that good, I don’t care what you say. Batting Average, fine, but the rest of the numbers don’t support a playoff caliber team. If your only going to look at one number, and then just try to troll based off that, you won’t win many arguments, or make many friends. Now, personally, I’m here to talk about baseball, if you want to continue to just try to pick a fight with me, you better come loaded with more than “They’re 3rd (which they are not) in Batting Average.” Baltimore Orioles are 3rd in BA.

          • Tyler_KC_Fan

            Hey now, auto correct and typing on a phone makes it kind of difficult to get every word right. Especially when I can’t go back and fix it without the app going crazy and not letting me go back and fix anything. But I will let that go because that’s irrelevant to the conversation.

            I’m not ignoring anything in your posts though! I’m telling you that they aren’t a power team. You said they need to hit HRs to win, obviously they don’t. I’m telling you that Hosmer is not a 20+ HR hitter year in and year out, which you obviously think he has to be or he sucks. You want to rag on Moose still, since being called up he is hitting .250 and crushing HRs. EXACTLY WHAT WE WANT HIM TO DO. Gordon is up and down and always will be up and down offensively. Salvy is up and down but more up then down. Cain is a perfect lead off hitter right now. Escobar is a single and steal machine. Infante is up and down but more productive when runners are on. RF is the biggest question mark. Yeah they brought in Ibanez, which in fine with. But he’s not a long term fix. Aoki isn’t turning out to be the player we wanted, so when he is healthy I still don’t see him playing as much. Especially lead off since Cain is doing just fine. So yes, Ibanez is okay for now, but how is he a solution?

            I made a comment that Samardzjia would be ideal for the Royals because he holds the rotation down for another year. He is worth $85M according to Cubs (which is close to what the Royals were considering to offer Shields). Now did I say do that first? No. I also said trade for Byrd and a prospect or two. We then take those prospects and send them to Chi Town along with a prospect or two, Colon and maybe someone else. Shields is gone, and struggling. Badly. So yes, it may be a stretch, but it fixed a problem in RF because Bryd is doing pretty good this year and they might want to dump Byrd. The trade idea also fixes a SP issue for next year. So why is that a bad thing? Also, why would the Royals send scouts and follow Samardzjia if they never thought they could get him? That’s 100% ridiculous and pointless and waste of time. So they obviously thought they had something and some how had a chance to get him.

            Also, I never disagreed with you on the Royals offense. I told you that they don’t need HRs to win games and with what we have we don’t have the HR player. So you want to say I’m not reading, you should try it too. That’s why I said that Byrd is the most realistic player the Royals can trade for that is within the budget and still effective. So once again, besides Beltre (about as realistic as Samardzjia and Samardzjia is not for the Royals so lets piece that one together.) and Quinton, who is batting worse than EVERYONE ELSE ON THE TEAM, who are the Royals going to get? Who are the Royals going to afford?

            You talk about being a realism, try is in a manner that actually picks realistic players. If Cubs wanted the house for Samardzjia, what do you think Texas will want for Beltre? Give me some names here! At least I try and give names, you just complain and give names that are never ever going to be in the Royals wheel house. Before you say anything about Samardzjia, THE ROYALS SCOUTED HIM. THE ROYALS OBVIOUSLY FIGURED THEY COULD GET HIM SOME HOW.

            So let’s try this out one more time. I see the Royals need offense. I get that. So Byrd is my ideal solution. The Royals are going to need pitching next year and all the players in FA are either going to be to expensive, or aren’t that good. So Samardzjia would have been amazing because he fixed the team this year and next. Shields isn’t god. Shields isn’t the best around. So trading Shields and exchanging him for Samardzjia would have been a downgrade, but rather an upgrade. That didn’t happen, so we will move on.

            Now, besides pulling out your red pen and having a difference of opinion on what the team should do and look at, where else can I debate with you? How about you proved some players that are worth trading for and that will improve the offense as we will go from there, since you’ve only provided a player that will never be traded and a terrible player. If you read anything to I wrote I also said I watch the game instead of look at stats. Stats don’t always tell the full story.

            Annnnnnnnnd go!

          • Tyler_KC_Fan

            Also, saying that Cain, Gordon, Escobar and Salvy are the only one that are safe (offensively), you are saying that Hosmer, Moose/Valencia, and Infante are what….tradable players? Players you platoon with? What are you thinking you would do with them?

            Get rid of Hosmer, who was the best hitter in the league the second half of the year, an All-Star, and Gold Glove winner, because he’s not hitting very well right now? Or platoon him with who? Butler? Ibanez? Someone else? How is that realistic?

            Get rid of Infante, who was an All-Star last year, the team just signed him to a 4-year/$32M contract, and a solid defender? Or platoon him with Colon?

            Getting rid of Moose/Valencia may be the only logically thing there. Moose is doing a lot better now and may be finally playing like we all hoped he would, but a new scenery might be what he needs. Valencia I’m not a big fan of, so fine. But now the question comes up with, who are we going to replace them with? Would you really rather seen Valencia over Moose every day? I sure wouldn’t.

            RF, we need someone else. I.E. Marlon Byrd. You can’t really argue that one.

            Butler has to go. I don’t like Butler and I think he is a waste of space. So I would be 100% okay with watching him leave.

            Out of the whole roster, the only players the Royals should trade away are Holland, Moose/Valencia, Butler, and Shields. Yes, Shields. But Gordon, Cain, Salvy, Escobar, Hosmer, and Infante are off limits. Dyson as well. Pitching wise, Davis, Ventura, Duffy, Vargas, Guthrie, and maybe a couple bullpen arms are off limits.

          • cardsfanatik

            And don’t tell me who I’m a fan of. Do you know me personally? And as far as baseball, I wouldn’t question others knowledge when your proposed “fix” was to trade for Samardzija and then trade away Sheilds. This team needs offense, it needed it last year, it needs it this year, and if you don’t see it, you don’t know as much as you try to pretend you do

  • Nick Kopke

    You would think by now they would alter the ballpark size. I think a lot of the approaches of these young hitters is distorted because that park is so large. Butler could have been a perrenial 30 HR hitter a year in most parks. I think that park is a cancer for oth Hosmer and Butler. Perez is more of a line drive hitter. Hosmer and Butler appeared to be sluggers coming up but the massive size of that park is killing them. Or, the FO needs,to do a complete overhaul and focus on speed and obp players. Something needs to change and it is alarming to me that nobody in the FO is attempting to do anything. Hosmer and Butler and probably Moustakas would rake if they fix that park!!

    • Geogman

      Butler had no problems hitting in this ball park until last year. Hosmer has shown the ability to hit here. You forget that this park helps our pitchers immensely. If you moved the fences in you’re also going to create more offense for the other team. The players don’t seem to be wiling to adjust to this ball park and it’s partially the manager’s fault who thought they should be hitting more home runs than they were. They’re hitting even fewer since Seitzer was removed as batting coach but not hitting doubles and for average like they did when he was here. Having six hitting coaches in the last year and a half certainly doesn’t help but this team meaning the players just seem to lack a collective maturity which in my mind prevents them from developing the consistency they need to be a legitimate playoff team. I’m hoping that the Ibanez acquisition brings some leadership to this team. I think that’s why he was brought in and that’s why he is getting some starts. Obviously he has to produce to stay there.

      • Nick Kopke

        Yes, at times they have shown power. IF the fences where closer these guys would be much more consistent with slugging numbers. You put Hosmer and Butler in a comfortable hitting park like Boston and those two flourish. Yes, the hitting coach situation is absurd as well but something has to give somewhere. I get the pitching benefits from this but they nead to make achange to high obp/line drive hitters with speed or nothing is going to change

  • Joel Wagler

    This organization certainly struggles to develop stars, and to keep them producing as stars. It is becoming more and more clear that Hosmer and Moose, like Gordon and Butler, might at some point be good players but they certainly are not franchise stars as hoped. What a waste.

    • Stan Colbert

      I agree! Very frustrating! Someone needs to locate the problem and fix it! 3 of those 4 still have enormous potential but potential is about as much good as these pennys in my pocket.