Jun 18, 2014; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Cincinnati Reds third baseman Todd Frazier (21) in the on-deck circle against the Pittsburgh Pirates during the fifth inning at PNC Park. The Reds won 11-4. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Todd Frazier to the Royals Pipe Dream

It is quite obvious that the Royals could use another bat in the lineup. While the expectation is that the Royals will seek to upgrade right field and their bench, third base has been a bit of an offensive black hole as well. Royals third basemen have “produced” a .632 OPS, ranking 26th in baseball. While Mike Moustakas has provided a few home runs and has had a much better demeanor recently, the platoon with Moustakas and Danny Valencia just has not produced thus far.

While the Royals value Moustakas for his defensive acumen, that ability essentially counters his inability with the bat. Moustakas has been just over replacement level this season, and Valencia has actually been even worse, posting a negative WAR. As bad as Nori Aoki has been this season, third base has only been slightly better than the production the Royals have gotten in right.

So, who would the Royals be able to get to play third base, providing the type of defense they desire and the offense they need? Adrian Beltre may be made available by the Texas Rangers, however the approximately $24 Million owed to him through the end of next season and the $18 Million vesting option for 2016 are likely to be far more than the Royals would want to spend. If the Royals are looking for an inexpensive player to provide both offensive pop and solid defense, then their best option may be the Cincinnati Reds’ Todd Frazier.

Frazier, who displayed some power potential over his first two seasons, is in the midst of what could be an All-Star season. As of this point, Frazier has produced a .280/.348/.516 batting line with 17 home runs, which is just two away from his career high over a full season. Frazier has even chipped in nine stolen bases, being caught four times. Even though Frazier has not had great success with the stolen base, he does have enough speed where he would fit in with the Royals desire to run and put pressure on opposing defenses.

Defensively, Todd Frazier would also fit in with the Royals desire to have a stellar defensive club. As lauded as Mike Moustakas is for his defense, Frazier has been better this season. Frazier has five more runs than Moustakas, has a slightly better range factor and has turned twice as many double plays. For the year, Frazier leads the National League in putouts, ranks fifth in assists and is fourth in fielding percentage.

With Frazier only being 28 years old and not eligible for arbitration until after this season, it is probable that the Reds would want a lot in return. However, Frazier may be developing into the type of third baseman that the Royals envisioned Mike Moustakas becoming – a legitimate power threat who can play Gold Glove caliber defense at third. Given the Royals playoff aspirations, and the fact that Frazier would be under team control until 2018, it may be worth contacting the Reds to see what it would take to part ways with the third baseman. Even though a trade would likely involve Kyle Zimmer and another top prospect, it may be worth considering.

The Royals and their fans had dreams of a playoff berth this season. While we are dreaming, we may as well imagine the perfect upgrade at third base for the Royals. Todd Frazier coming to Kansas City may be nothing more than a pipe dream, but we can still dream of such a scenario.

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  • Maverik256

    If we could send mous and Zimmer and little else I would say done deal.

  • Tyler_KC_Fan

    Not only is this a pipe-dream, but this is an extremely unrealistic dream. Why would a team trade away a younger, power hitting, strong defensive player for a pitching prospect that hasn’t been healthy for more than 1 pitch for the last 2 years and, if Moose is included, a 3B that has under performed offensively? CIN isn’t out of playoff contention only being 7.5 games back from MIL.

    The Royals aren’t going to be making big moves during the All-Star Break, so we all need to cool it on these trade ideas. The moves we will be making are improvements to the bench. All the big moves we will make are going to come during the off season.

    • cardsfanatik

      I wouldn’t dismiss the fact that the Royal’s need an upgrade. And I wouldn’t count on the “only” move being for a bench bat. And I also wouldn’t be surprised to see Dayton move someone your not wanting to move. I guarantee if Cincinnati said “We’ll take Mondesi and Zimmer” , or “Starling and Zimmer” and you can have Frasier, Dayton would be seriously considering it. He realizes that the team needs to win NOW. Not next year, or the year after, but now. Glass has ponied up the money, and this team is only going to get more expensive. And Dayton’s 9 year plan may not fit with what Glass is thinking. Don’t be so quick to dismiss these conversations. This is not as much of a stretch as you think I doubt. Cincinnati is not going to catch St. Louis and Milwaukee, they may want to wait til closer to the deadline to see, but they won’t. I for one would make this deal, and its fun to dream anyway.

      • Tyler_KC_Fan

        So Mondesi (very young and raw, still needs a lot of work and is only in Single-A ball right now) and Zimmer (can’t stay healthy) or Starling (a total bust who can’t bat over .275 in Single-A ball, much less hit for much power) and Zimmer (once again, can’t stay healthy) are enough for the Reds to trade away a young, power hitting, solid defensive MAJOR LEAGUE hitter in your opinion? You said it perfectly, “it’s fun to dream” which is exactly what this trade idea is. A dream.

        The flaw in your idea of what will happen during the trade deadline is it doesn’t matter how much Glass is willing to pay. He could throw $20M at a player and during a trade deadline, that doesn’t matter. We would have to give away OUR PLAYERS. Not just minor leaguers who aren’t doing anything for the team. Moose has ZERO trade value. His offense is getting a little better, but it’s not what we had hoped for it to be. The only thing keeping Moose around is his defense. Butler? Maybe, but he has a players option next year for $12M that no one will pick up because he’s been doing pretty bad this year. Shields? No one will trade for a 3 month rental that is owed over $12M. Holland? Maybe, but he is going to become a very expensive closer because of his arbitration. Aoki? He’s worth a 12 pack of coke and that’s about it.

        Be realistic. Big names, and known names, aren’t player we have the ability to trade for at the trade deadline. Not because we don’t have the money, but because we don’t have the ability to trade our players without significantly damaging our chances of making the playoffs. Whether you want to believe it or not, the team we have right now is what we will play with. Dyson in CF, Cain in RF, Gordon in LF, Moose/Valencia at 3B, and so on. 3B isn’t as bad as people are making it seem, because Moose/Valencia haven’t lost the Royals any games yet. RF seems solid now with Cain there and Dyson is doing great in CF. Our bench is where we are weak. Our bench is somewhere we can improve without getting rid of our current starters and hurting the team.

        It’s fine to dream, but come on. Stop getting your hopes up and spreading rumors about something that wont happen. Dom Brown, Todd Frazier, Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, Micheal Cudyer, etc. Those players aren’t coming to the Royals because we don’t have the value to trade with the other team without depleating our team, so just stop.

        • cardsfanatik

          I didn’t say that ONLY those two pairs would bring him back. I said you should probably be prepared, that if the trade proposal arises, that someone that noone wants to get moved, might get moved. And no matter what you think, if you think Dayton is setting in his office thinking, “okay, we trade for a mediocre bench bat, and we’re golden” you’re wrong. I guarantee Dayton is looking for some way, any way, to make a statement. I didn’t say “It will happen”. I said, a trade of that sort, isn’t completely out of the question. Honestly, I would trade anyone in our minor leagues right now for someone that hit with some power. It doesn’t HAVE to be Frazier either. There are a lot of options that might come into play. At some point in time, the Royal’s are going to HAVE to bring in some help. From somewhere. You can’t grow everyone at home, and continue to turn mediocre pitchers into gods either. You could find a player to replace either Aoki, Moutakas/Valencia, or Butler. Really doesn’t matter. And a big trade might NOT happen, but if it doesn’t, we won’t see the post season. You won’t beat out teams like the Tiger’s, Athletics, Red Sox, etc, with 3 or 4 of your starting 9 sucking at the plate. And pitching is NOT infallible, Shields has been off, Guthrie and Vargas tend to get bit by the long ball, which produces big innings. The Royal’s NEED a guy, that can do that to the opposing pitching. Yep, they beat the Angels tonight, the difference in this game and most though is, scoring 6-8 runs a night isn’t uncommon for the Angel’s, while hitting 2-3 HR’s. Its more uncommon, than it is common for the Royal’s.
          And FYI, I’m not “Spreading Rumors”, this is a CHAT board. Where people give their opinions on articles, and what they feel could make this team better. Its not like anyone here is saying we should trade for Miggy. However, if this team EVER wants to see a post season, they are going to HAVE to have a consistent middle of the order bat. Plain and simple.

          • Tyler_KC_Fan

            Like I said above, your team is built off defense and pitching. Are you trading away your Gold Glove defense, which you have about 6 positions that are very likely candidates to get the Gold Glove, or your #2 if not #1 bullpen, or your top ranked starting pitching rotation? Our minor leagues, no matter how much you want to defend them or say they are solid players, is no where near as strong as they used to be. No way to defend that. So yes, if the Royals were to make a trade during th All-Star Break it would have to be for a player that we have in the majors right now. I think it should be Shields (If the team can get Samardjiza only), Holland (Because Davis could easily slide into that role), Butler or Moose. No way are the Royals trading away bullpen arms (because our minors have proven that they aren’t ready yet with Aaron Brooks getting torched and Mariot still being a huge question mark as to what we are going to get from him when he comes in. Collins is back in the minors along with Coleman because they were inconsistent and unable to keep the game close when they came in) or Gordon, Cain, Dyson, Hosmer, Infante, Escobar, or Salvy (basically everyone else on our offense besides Butler and Moose) because they are Gold Glove calibar players that we can’t afford to lose.

            Moore and the rest of the Royals aren’t saying that if we get a better bench we will go all they way, but they are probably being realistic in the fact that they can’t afford to give up the list of guys above beacuse they are to important to the rest of the team. In order to get the big named player at the All-Star Break you have to be willing to give up your teams big names. Cain is getting a lot of love from the league now because he is finally becoming the player we hoped for. Infante is a great 2B and can explode with his bat during crunch situtations. Hosmer is a player any team would take. Escobar is having a career year. Salvy is always being compared to the great catchers because he is a great catcher. Gordon is probably the most feared OF in the league with how accurate his arm is, the fact that he puts his body on the line every game, and no one will run on him anymore. Dyson is a stud right now and his speed is way to important to the Royals right now.

            They Royals don’t need to find a replacement for Aoki because they already have his replacement in Dyson. I think Dyson is the Royals new CF and Cain is the new RF. Those two have been amazing in the field, Cain has been batting over .350 in the lead off spot and Dyson has been using his speed to get infield singles. Nothing more you can ask of those two.

            To say the Royals won’t beat teams like Boston, Oakland, Detroit is absolutely ridiculous. Are you saying that adding one power bat to the lineup automatically give us an advantage or makes us equal to other teams? Because right now the Royals are the most well rounded team in their divison. They have beated 3 of 4 Cy Young winning pitchers, going 3-3 against them total this year. The beginning of the year the offense was cold. The offense is coming around now. Your comment about the Angles scoring 6+ runs a game and how much better they are than the Royals because they have more 6+ run games and hit so many HRs… they have 5 more 6+ run games than the Royals on the year. So even without the HR power, the Royals are doing just as well if not close to as well as the teams that are bombing HRs every game.

            They Royals are 41-38 and 3.5 games behind Detroit. How can you tell me that the Royals will never catch Detroit when they ALREADY HAVE once this year. The first time since 1984 that the Royals were frist in the division through 70 games. And you want to tell me that unless this team trades away a key part to the team and jepordize the defensive abilities we already have for a bat that might help us is the only way we make the playoffs is ridiculous. Detroit isn’t as good as they have been in the past. Their bullpen, defense and at times starting pitchers struggle hard. Their offense is either blasting the ball, or grounding out. We have a better bullpen, starting rotation, defense….all the areas the Tigers struggle in. When our offense becomes consistant like they were during the 10 game win streak we are one of the best teams in the league.

          • cardsfanatik

            The problem is, the offense won’t STAY consistent. What I would truly like to see if you want my honest opinion, would be for KC to take on some salary, not have to give up as much, then worry about shedding what payroll they need to after the season. My dream trade would be for Adrian Beltre. But whatever. He would still cost a couple prospects, but if DM said we’ll give you X and Y, but we’ll take ALL of his salary, so that’s what you get. Texas MIGHT do it, to shed some payroll, and if they feel their young stud third baseman will be ready next year.

          • Tyler_KC_Fan

            The likely hood of the Royals finding a replacement 3B and RF during the All-Star Break is very unlikely. Even if the Royals took on ever penny of the contacts, they would be spending an outragous amount of money. $18M+ for Beltre is completely out of the Royals budget. Even if Glass said he would spend more money, I doubt he will spend that much money considering this is the first year the Royals have ever spent more than $80M as a team. To address the 3B position will have to wait till the Winter Meetings so that we can decide what to offer a player or have more time to think about trades.

            I said that the Royals need to persue Samardjiza because he is under contract though, I believe, 2016. With the free agent class coming up with SP we won’t be able to afford a quality SP and obviously Shields isn’t coming back. Zimmer has to stay healthy for more than a year before I can believe he will make the starting rotation. He just started becoming a stud pitcher and hurt himself and was shut down for the rest of the year. Then he throws one pitch and is out for more time. He hasn’t proven that he can stay healthy. So if we have the opportunity to get a great SP before the end of the year we have to make that move. The only reason you don’t like him or want to “help rebuild the Cubs” is because you’re a Cardinals fan. But being a Royals fan I could care less about helping the Cubs rebuild. If they are willing to give the Royals Samardjiza within reason the Royals would be stupid to pass.

          • cardsfanatik

            I’m not opposed to trading for Samardjiza because I’m a Cardinal’s fan, I’m opposed because I’m a Royal’s fan. While he is a good pitcher, he’s not going to be worth what the Cubs are looking for in return. Think Shields trade, thats what they are thinking. You really want to send Zimmer, Mondesi, Starling, Manaea, and either Colon or Bonifacio, for a year and a half of Samardjiza? I sure as hell don’t. There won’t be any “within reason” trade with the Cubs for him, who have been talking to him about an extention btw. Thats one trade that WON’T happen. Not to KC anyway. Us getting Beltre and eating his entire contract for less prospects is more likely than landing Samardjiza. And Beltre fixes 2 HUGE problems. Offense in the middle of the order, and the black hole that is Moustakas. Although, Beltre is far fetched also, he would be my preference to most of the trades that have been mentioned. After him, I would call Philly and see if they wanted to swap Moustakas for Dominic Brown. I wouldn’t give them anyone with Moustakas, 1 for 1.

          • Tyler_KC_Fan

            Well first off that is probably the most absurd idea of what the trade would look like. The Cubs want quality, but they aren’t looking for 6 players for Samardjiza. For Shields, Davis and Johnson the Royals gave up Myers, Ordorizzi and Montgomery. So your idea of what the trade will look like is ridiculous, and that’s because you want to make the trade idea ridiculous. You’ve got to think to yourself. Why would the Royals want a year and a half with a SP that is worth way more than the $5M he’s making right now….. Because Shields is gone next year and the Royals have their 5 SPers before the year is even over. Samardijza, Vargas, Ventura, Duffy and Guthrie. Zimmer is either apart of the trade to the Cubs or he is given more time to mature. If you’re all for giving up Starling and Mondosi, why are you not sure anymore when it comes to a pitcher? Colon has NEVER played for the Royals, so trading him isn’t effecting the team in the least bit. Bonifiocio is very raw right now and won’t see the playing field till 2016 or later. So everyone you’ve listed is either non important to the Royals right now or hurt. For Samardijza, you make that trade. He’s very cheap for what his production has been. You don’t trade for Barnett either because after this year he is done. He signed a 1-year deal for a reason. So trading for him does zero for the Royals. Also, good luck on conviencing Philly to give up Brown for Moose straight up. Brown is struggling, but last year he was a huge part of the offense.

            I think Beltre is more absurd than Samardjiza. The Royals aren’t even in rumors of going after him. The Royals have scouts following Samardjiza for every start he makes. If the Royals can make a trade for Samardjiza then we can trade Shields and get something in return besides a draft pick. The Royals could find a team that is playoff bound/in the hunt that need a SP that will give them the best chance to win this year. *cough cough* Shields is that guy for those teams. We trade Shields for a bat that has some pop, doesn’t have to have a lot of pop, and we address our SP for next year and maybe our 3B delimma/batting. That seems way more realistic than going after a player the Royals are going to have to spend $17-$18M+ a year for and haven’t had any communication with his team. Theo Epsine isn’t a moron. He helped build the Boston World Series teams. He’s going to make the best move avalible for Samardjiza, and the asking price you’ve stated isn’t even close to being realistic.

          • cardsfanatik

            I’m not trying to argue, but this whole thing you wrote makes zero sense. Trade FOR Samardzija, then trade AWAY Shields?? To a team IN the playoff hunt, that will GIVE us a power bat for him? Man thats NOT going to happen. IF the Royal’s feel that they can get Shark, they will be IN contention, therefore WILL NOT trade away Shields. If Dayton goes out, ignores the offense, and trades for Shark, all of my opinions of him over the years will indeed be solidified. This team is where they are right now BECAUSE of the pitchers we CURRENTLY have. WE DON’T NEED ANOTHER PITCHER. We do need a damn BAT. Why is that so hard for you to comprehend???? ALL OF BASEBALL knows what the Royal’s are looking for. So what if they are scouting Samardzija, thats just smart baseball, and covering your ass. The trade that Dayton will make, more likely than not is the one that YOUR NOT READING ABOUT IN EVERY PAPER. GM’s aren’t retarded. They aren’t going to go tell Ken Rosenthal, “Hey man, we’ve got a power hitter we’re going to trade for, and we’re giving them this……” Why? So every team with the same need can up the prospect offer, and take the trade away? If there IS a trade, you will read about it when everyone else does……..AFTER its done. IF DM is doing his JOB, everyone in the nation DOESN’T know what the hell he’s doing.
            Truthfully, I think that Alex Rios is probably on Dayton’s radar. And I hope like hell he is.

          • Tyler_KC_Fan

            Capitalizing every other word doesn’t make your point more valid.

            Let me try and break this down for you just a little bit more since you’ve decided everything in that statement is 100% irrational.

            The Royals, whether you believe it or not, are going to need pitching. Now, before you go back into your little episode again, I’m talking about next year. Zimmer is not going to be ready by next spring, no matter how we try to force the subject. Looking at the free agent market for SP in the 2015 class we are looking at, the more known names: Josh Beckett, Jason Hammel, Gavin Floyd, Hisashi Iwakuma, Hiroki Kuroda, Jon Lester, Justin Masterson, Jake Peavy, Wandy Rodriguez, Max Scherzer, James Shields, Ryan Vogelsong, and Josh Johnson. Now, is there a chance we can sign one of those pitchers during the Winter Meetings? Yeah. But going on the off chance that we don’t, what do we have left to be our 5th starter? Someone we have? Zimmer? Some random free agent that is average at best? Who exactly is going to be there in free agency that the Royals can realistically get from his original team, or afford? Glass can say he will spend more money, but we don’t know how much “more money” is. Is it $5M? $10M? $20M? We don’t know.

            Shields is having one of the worst stretches that the team has seen in the 2 years he’s been here. As of right now, he has the worst ERA on the team, he’s given up the most HRs on the team, and given up the most hits on the team. He’s not playing as well as we all had hoped. The way you are talking right now you are acting as if Shields is the center piece of the rotation. That Shields is the best pitcher this team has. Statistically, Shields is one of the worst pitchers on the team. Now, is he really the worst pitcher on the team? No he’s not. Is the pitching rotation going to be worst next year when he’s gone? I’m beginning to think that the rotation will be just fine without Shields. So, instead of waiting till next year and then searching through the free agents for your 5th SP, Chicago calls and offers up Samardzjia. They say they want Zimmer, Starling and Colon. Are you really going to turn that offer down? Even if it’s a little more, the opportunity to solitify your pitching for another year and a half is something you can’t pass up on. Pitching isn’t a high priority right now, but it will be at the end of the year. It’s called playing ahead.

            Now, you traded for Samardzjia, welcome to the Royals! Uh oh! They have 6 SPers now! What should they do?! Oh I don’t know, maybe we could try and trade someone?? Either you trade Shields to a team that is in the hunt, or find a team that will take him till the end of the year. For fun, let’s say Philly. Well, Philly gets their rotation solitified and maybe makes a run. They are 7.5 games back in the Wild Card and 8 games back in their division. They have Hamels, Shields, Burnett, Kendrick and Hernandez. They might buy that if we take some of Shields contract. What would be possible trade for with Philly? Hmmm…… oh wait! What about the contract of Marlon Byrd?? We trade Shields and maybe someone in the minors for Byrd and a couple of their minors. We have Byrd under contract, we have a RF till 2016, and a player who can hit HRs.

            But wait! I have more! We trade away Holland. We trade Holland and bundle Moose/Valencia and a couple minors we have and got from Philly to try and get a 3B. For all you folks out there obsessing over Zobrist, we might be able to pursuade Tampa to trade us him. Tampa gets their closer they are wanting since Balfour is doing terrible and a couple minors for their farm league. We get our 3B and another bat that will help the lineup.

            At the end of the day, we get a 3B that plays through 2015, a RF that plays through 2016, a SP that plays through 2016, and we all go home happy because we have improved our pitching rotation and our offense, while keeping our defense stability in tacked. Now when all of this is said and done, in 2015 the Royals spend $7.5M on Zobrist, about $6M on Samardzija, and $8M on Byrd. That’s around $21M on those three players instead of spending $18M on one player (Adrian Beltre). So which deal looks better?

            By the way, Alex Rios should never become a Royal. He is a cancer to his team. The White Sox dumped him because he gave up on the team. He had outburts when the team was doing bad and when he wasn’t hitting well he would practically walk to 1B. That type of player isn’t worth the $13.5M he would make in 2015, or the rest of his $12.5M this year. Rios has 3HRs this year. His bat isn’t the “feared” bat you’re wanting and his defense and offense don’t make up for his pathetic excuse for professionalism.

          • cardsfanatik

            Your argument has some merit…. For next year. That won’t happen this year. And Samardzija isn’t a #1. Not on a playoff team. I know you love him. But a lot of folks don’t see the hype. And no, I wouldn’t give up your proposed package for him. I also wouldn’t trade Shields for Byrd. Sheilds is still the superior pitcher between Samardzija and himself, so he’s having a rough patch. It happens. If your trading those prospects, you could probably get a Todd Frazier, the one you said we didn’t have the farm system to get. The Royals need to quit it with the next year bullshit anyway and actually WIN NOW for once anyway. Now, don’t blow everything up to do it, but go get a bat, and put him in the order, and go win. Trade Butler this off season, Shields walks via free agency, now you sign a pitcher you need. Ventura is the future #1 anyway. Duffy looks like he’s actually figuring it out, all Zimmer has to be next year is a #5. If your not confident in him, sign a mid rotation arm. The Royals won’t get Jeff Samardzija. To much competition for him. His salary is ok, but his “cost” is still more than what he’ll offer. You’re also forgetting a guy named Manaea. He will probably be pretty close to ready next spring. I don’t believe the Royals will be a disastrous pitching rotation, even without Sheilds. But their offense is to weak for an A.L. Club, and it’s time to remedy that. If your wanting to trade Holland, that’s great, package one other with him and get a bat. Not Zobrist though. He’s good, but his power has disappeared. Don’t need another singles hitter. And I wouldn’t give the Cubs Sheilds for Samardzija, so I wouldn’t make a deal to bring him in, to trade Sheilds.
            It also wouldn’t surprise me to see Dayton go after a guy like Carlos Quentin either. I honestly don’t know what he’ll do, in all honesty, whatever he does will be better than sitting on his ass doing nothing, because if that’s all he does, he needs beaten in public. I don’t see Samardzija happening. I see him going with the need “right now”, because this team needs to win, right now.

          • Tyler_KC_Fan

            How is going after Bryd and Zobrist (with a little extra in Samardzija) not helping the team now? In one All-Star Break you address your RF, 3B, and future SP. Samardzjia is doing better than Shields is by a long shot this year, and so what if he’s not a true #1. If the Royals truely believe that Ventura or Vargas could be the #1, Samardzjia would be one of the best #2 pitchers in the league. Samardzjia doesn’t make the pitching rotation fall backwards, but push forwards. How can you still say that Zimmer will be in the SP rotation when he hasn’t been able to throw more than 1 pitch since August of last year? Keep in mind, until the end of his season last year, Zimmer was getting lit up. He may have figured it out, but his pitching was a sample size and nothing that holds much confidence. With Samardzjia, we know what we are getting and we know it works. That seems more realistic to me.

            If I remember correctly, Carlos Quentin has a “No trade clause” in his contract that would prevent him from even coming to the Royals.

            And no, these asking prices are not worth bring Todd Frazier over because the Reds wont trade Todd Frazier.

            But It does confuse me that you would rather sign ONE guy that could quite possible fix a couple spots, but refuse to sign THREE guys who would fix every spot for this year and next year.

          • cardsfanatik

            Samardzija’s not happening, so its a mute point. Carlos Quentin has said he will waive his no trade already publicly. There are many options that you nor I know about. But I don’t see Dayton trading anyone for a pitcher. You say what you want, but a pitcher won’t be the major acquisition at the deadline.

          • Tyler_KC_Fan

            If you’re saying Samardzjia isn’t going to happen, I would say it’s safe to say Beltre isn’t going to happen. Or Todd Frazier for that matter.

            The options that we don’t hear about aren’t players that are going to make an immidiate impact on the team, i.e. bench players. It is very known which players are on the block, compared to those who aren’t. Also it’s not that difficult to see what players the Royals have a realistic shot at, compared to those we don’t. Last year we traded for Maxwell. He was an unknown player on the Royals radar. He was a bench player. That is what I feel will happen if we trade for someone we don’t know much about. Otherwise, I think it’s safe to say we have an idea on who is a potential trade for the Royals that will take a starting role.

            Also, after last night you really think the Royals aren’t either strongly considering, or under the radar looking, for a pitcher to replace Shields? She’s has an ERA over 6 the last month into July. He has the most HRs, hits, ERA, etc. on the team right now. If the Royals go into a Wild Card playoff game, they want to put their number 1 in for that game. Are you trusting Shields to help you win that one game? I sure as the sun comes up don’t.

            I understand that MLB execs aren’t going to scream out everyone they want and trade for, but logically, we can kind of figure it out. Will we be surprised, yeah probably. But being realistic is also something we can go off of, and I think my 3 up top are pretty realistic.

          • cardsfanatik

            Byrd is realistic, Zobrist maybe, but I’m hoping they don’t trade for him. He’ll cost to much for what he will offer. Like I said, his power has disappeared, and he’s not young anymore. He’s not old, but I don’t want to give top flight minor leaguers for him. Realistically, Beltre and Samardzija are both probably NOT going to happen, not to the Royal’s anyway. They can’t keep trading away ALL of their best prospects for a year and a half of a pitcher. I’m more inclined to hoping that Zimmer gets healthy, and Ventura and Duffy continue to be studs. This allows Guthrie, Vargas, Ventura, Duffy, Zimmer (or Manaea) to be your rotation next year. And thats not a bad rotation either. I would still like to see a trade for a guy thats going to hit a HR every 15-20 AB’s while batting around .260-.285. I’m not saying take on an Albert Pujols, but a Seth Smith, Carlos Quentin, Josh Willingham shouldn’t be out of the question, and shouldn’t cost a metric shit ton either.

          • Tyler_KC_Fan

            Anyone in our farm league that will be a starting pitcher within the next year is Zimmer. Manaea is still learning how to pitch against MLB type players. After his injury he has been getting rocked at Wilmington with his ERA being over 6. So he won’t be someone that gets called up anytime soon. Zimmer is a huge question mark because of his inability to stay healthy, but if he can return to the way he was pitching before his first injury then maybe. After a player gets hurt consistently it makes it really hard to believe they can stay healthy once in the rotation. That’s why I firmly believe that they need to make a move to get a SP for next year.

            Seth Smith just signed an extention with SD that was 2-year worth $13M. Safe to say he isn’t an option anymore. Josh Willingham is injury prone, just coming off an injury that has only allowed him to play less than 40 games this year. I don’t think he’s really an option as well, mainly because I haven’t read or heard anything about MIN wanting to trade Willingham, and if they do I highly doubt it would be within the division. I also don’t think the Carlos Quentin trade makes sense. He’s batting .185 with 4HRs in 35 games. He’s basically another Moose, with less HRs. Not much of an upgrade for the team. Also, once again, this would be a trade within the division which are trades that are highly unlikely to happen.

          • cardsfanatik

            One more question. Why in God’s name do you want Smardzija? He’s a good pitcher, but we have a better one in Ventura, and hopefully Zimmer gets healthy. I wouldn’t help the Cubs rebuild at our expense. Pitching is NOT what this team NEEDS. Power and a consistent bat is.
            Now, this offseason, that may change, but for “right now”, we don’t need another pitcher.

        • The Plaindealer

          Why should he stop? I think the article is a good one. So what if you don’t see any value in the Royals organization to leverage for a trade? In your world, the Royals are doomed to their current fate. In cardsfanatik’s world or David Hill’s world, the Royals must make a move in order to be competitive down the stretch, and looking at option – no matter how negative you want to be – is probably exactly what GMDM & Co. are doing right now.
          Do you think the Tigers will stay pat? Do you think the Tigers won’t make any moves? How about the Twins? Or the Tribe? You think everyone has just hung it up?
          You say whether we want to “believe it or not, the team we have right now is what we will play with.”
          That, my friend, is the most far-fetched speculation of any.

          • Tyler_KC_Fan

            There is absolutely nothing negative about the statement “believe it or not, the team we have right now is what we will play with.” because I really like the team we have right now. I would love for you to find me a post that I’ve typed where I said the Royals are “doomed”. I’ve been the one online here saying the Royals have the best chance of winning the division because they are the most complete overall team in the division. I think the worst thing I’ve said about the Royals this year was: Get rid of Grifol. And guess what they did, they moved Grifol. And if Yost can’t turn this team into a winning team and keep us in contention he has got to go. And guess what, that might happen at the end of the year as well if the Royals don’t make the playoffs. So I never said they were doomed, I never made the comment of them being doomed, and the fact that you think they are doomed with the team they have right now after surpassing Detroit after 70 games in the year, all though it only lasted 2 games, prove that YOU think this team is doomed, unless they make a big move this All-Star Break.

            Our team is built around defense and pitching. We have at least 6 positions right now, that you can argue, that are deserving of a Gold Glove. Our pitching staff is one of the best in the league and our bullpen is #2 if not #1 in the league. The Royals did not build this team around offensive bats. If you ask anyone around the organization they will tell you the exact same thing.

            The Royals don’t HAVE to make any move. They nearly won the divison last year and made the playoffs with almost the exact lineup we have now. Instead of wasting the first half of the year with Davis and Mendoza as a starter, Frenchy in RF and Getz/Johnson at 2B, we made moves early to fix the team and we didn’t lose any ground on Detriot. Instead we gained ground on Detroit. So no, the Royals don’t HAVE to make a big move.

            And if you think the Royals have some trade leverage against other teams, who are you trading exactly? Our minor league prospects that are either continuously hurt, underperforming consistently, or extremely raw and thought to have 2-4 years before being called up? Are you willing to trade away a Gold Glove LF, CF/RF, SS, 1B, C, 3B for a player this is subpar or a down grade on defense (you know, the way the team is built around defense and pitching). Or are you wanting to trade away our SP to bring in Chen or someone from the minors (like how be used Aaron Brooks and he got rocked in 2/3 an inning giving up 8 runs.) Or giving up parts to our bullpen? The only player(s) I see the Royals being able to give up without setting the team back is Holland (because Davis can move to the closing spot) and Butler. That’s about it.

            Do we need to get that power bat in our lineup that people fear? Yes. Do I think the Royals are going to sit around, or as you say “just hang it up”? No. I think the Royals are going to try and make some moves during the All-Star Break. That’s why they have scouts following Samardjiza around. That’s why I can almost guarantee you that they have feelers out for someone that wants Butler, Shields, Holland and Moose. I don’t think any team that is in contention during the All-Star Break is just sitting by watching the world go by. The problem is, the 4 guys the Royals can afford to let go are having one of the worst years in their career (minus Holland). Their trade value is about as great as a 12 pack of coke.

  • RedsFan96

    As a Reds fan I know that we will not be trading Todd Frazier.

    • cardsfanatik

      I know it, and so does Dave, but he would look very nice in Royal Blue :)

      • RedsFan96

        You just don’t want him helping my Reds pass your Cardinals in the Central standings haha.

        • cardsfanatik

          Lol, Cardinal’s keep losing pitchers, and I wouldn’t count them out of the Price sweepstakes, although I hope Mo has more sense than to trade Taveras.