October 02, 2012; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Royals starting pitcher Jeremy Guthrie (33), first baseman Eric Hosmer (35), center fielder Jarrod Dyson (1), and shortstop Alcides Escobar (2) celebrate after the game against the Detroit Tigers at Kauffman Stadium. The Royals won 4-2. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Royals Immature Culture Costly

These Royals aren’t too easy to root for.  Not on an intellectual level.  Not on an emotional level.  The immature culture created by Dayton Moore and Ned Yost is costing this team.  It is costing them wins, and it is going to cost them the support of the fans.

Jason Vargas took the bump against the White Sox Monday night.  The Chicago White Sox are a bad matchup for Vargas.  He’s an extreme fly ball pitcher and the Pale Hoes swat plenty of big flies.  Predictably, they roughed him up.  By the 5th inning, the Sox had come back from 5 runs down to make it a 5-4 game.  Paul Konerkowho has owned Vargas in the past, came up to bat with a couple guys on base.

Remember, if a pitcher goes 5 innings, he is eligible for the decision.  If Vargas got out of the inning and the Royals held onto the win, it would have gone to Vargas.  Ned Yost decided to keep Jason Vargas in the game even though rationality, stats, and logic said it was time to yank him.  Yost kept Vargas in the game and Konerko blasted a home run.  The Royals lost the game.  It is crystal clear. Yost put his player’s stats in front of the team win, and they lost the game.  It doesn’t take a detective to see this as a quantifiable fact.  Yost’s outdated and immature stubbornness cost this team a win.  When, when, when will this type of move become unacceptable?

On Tuesday, several of the Royals decided to boycott 810 sports radio.  Apparently, a couple of the boys in blue weren’t let into an 810 zone event, after it was sold out*.  They tried to big ball their way in, and were not successful.  Think about that for a second.  These win nothing kids galvanized a boycott because they were not given rock star, celebrity, preferential treatment. (*Editor’s note: the reasons stated for the aforementioned boycott are not fully substantiated, but they have been reported by personalities on the 810 radio station.)

It’s the overly coddled group of players drafted by or traded for by Moore.  The Get Along Gang.  They are immune to minor league demotions and have been convinced over and over by Royals leadership that they have arrived and are already stars.  This would be annoying and hard to root for if they were All Stars.  Most of these guys aren’t even very good.

The Get Along Gang, certainly consisting  of Eric Hosmer, Mike Moustakas, Jarrod Dyson, and Lorenzo Cain is apparently recruiting Danny Valencia.  They are growing in numbers.  Valencia had a recorded interview with 810 and asked them not to air it.  He said he was instructed by the Get Along Gang not to speak to the radio station.  All of this occurred after Mike Moustakas embarrassed himself and the team by throwing a passive fit with the media last week.  I am almost hoping we hear about Alex Gordon beating the hell out of one of these guys.  Somebody, outside of another American League Central team, should.

This pattern of behavior is getting more and more consistent and troubling.  Does this display focus?  Does this display mental toughness?  Does this articulate accepting reasonable expectations, like winning?  The answer is an emphatic no.

Do gruff interviews, tantrums and boycotts endear this team to its fan base?  Do stubborn, prima donna personalities bolster attendance?  The answer is an emphatic no.

A local media outlet’s inconveniences should not bother a fan.  That’s not what’s troublesome.  What’s troublesome is what these antics say about the culture, grit and character of this team.  Yost is a poor tactician.  Moore is not a progressive thinking roster builder.  The arguments in both men’s favor has been that their loyalty and principles were good for things like culture, grit, and character.

That argument has been ended.  Both mens’ tenure with the Kansas City Royals should end as well.



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  • James

    Great read

  • jimfetterolf

    Opinions vary. Just for Vargas, as an example, three homers and five of seven other hits were on change ups. Blame Perez and Vargas for that one. They made choices and execution is on them.

    As for the fanbase, we like the kids fine and have been around the game long enough to know that things change around, just like last year and other years, so no one outside of talk radio and a few blogs are getting too irate. The team is hanging around .500 while the offense is cold, won’t take much of a heat up to get them winning consistently. Just the nature of the game.

    • Guest

      You clearly didnt watch the game. Perez didnt even play so why are we blaming him?

      • jimfetterolf

        You might check the box score. Perez is mentioned in the KoK write-up. And no, I don’t watch the games. You may be thinking of yesterday when Perez got the night off with a sore hand.

  • David Glass

    It’s a process, guys.

  • kibo

    Couldn’t agree more. It doesn’t mean you are over reacting to fire some people and/or demote players. It means you care about the season and keeping your fans. They complain we are not supporting them but when you have been duped so many times (how many years is the process) it will take a long time to regain trust. It shouldn’t be this exhausting.

  • Scott Morgan

    “More” to this than first meets the eye. Pardon the pun. One of the reasons I pulled for this group was the thought they were something special. Think many of them would be comfy hanging around Booney The Looney, talk about an arrogant pr@ck.

  • jimfetterolf

    I am probably dating myself, but I go back as far as Mantle and Martin and remember the early ’80s Royals, used to run into some of them at Kelly’s and TGIF. Arrogant immaturity is a hallmark of 25 year old millionaire celebrities. This isn’t church softball.

  • Aaron North

    Why should I give a damn about 810?

    Some Royals players decide to “boycott” a radio station for a few days semi-jokingly, and the crybaby radio station jocks lose their minds.

    • Donald Sykes

      They seem to get along wit 610 just fine, and there was no reason for Moustakis to do anything other than what he did in that interview. The media bashes him, he had one good hit in a miserable start to a season and you expect him to talk himself up about? The media would have crushed him for that as well. So he gave all the credit to a teammate, as b he should. Besides that’s the Scott Boras instructs his players. Deflect, Deflect, Deflect.

  • Stan Colbert

    I thought Yost left Vargas in to save his bullpen. I have read where Royals org. felt unappreciated before. I appreciate them even when they lose if they play hard and do their best. I am not overly impressed to here players going 4-30 complaining about not being carried on a pillow.

  • moretrouble

    You’re thinking like a fan, Ed. No offense, but a manager has to think of bullpen innings … fans don’t. A fan thinks about one game, the game they’re watching … a manager must think of the games before and the games after.

    Vargas gives up the lead in the 5th, so he’s pulled. What’s wrong with that? The team needs a certain number of innings out of their starters … otherwise their bullpen gets overworked … so I see nothing wrong with keeping a starter in there until one of two things happen … either he gives up the lead, or he gets the game to the bridge bullpen guys.

    The 810 dust up has nothing to do with you, Ed. Why should you care either way? Players are free to give interviews or NOT — it’s completely up to them.

    And, the Royals are EXTREMELY EASY to watch. Parking is great, getting in and out of the stadium is easy, sight lines are great in the ballpark, amenities are nice, the ballpark is clean … what’s not to like?

    You’re unhappy when they lose … I understand that. But, with all due respect, get used to watching two teams, Ed … the teams in the other dugout have good players, too. Once again, no offense intended.

    • Geogman

      You miss or ignore the point of the article, which doesn’t surprise me. The two media episodes represent something troubling about this clubhouse which I suspect accounts for the team’s inconsistency and that is this is a bunch of coddled, comfortable ball players where no player is really looking over his shoulder at someone taking their place as evidenced by the fact a player hitting .150 something in his 4th year remains on the big league club. Certainly, players are free to give or not give interviews but when a team boycott of a media outlet takes place because a couple of players couldn’t get into an establishment bound by the city’s fire code rules you’re talking a real problem here. Ignore at your peril.

      • moretrouble

        There is NO TEAM BOYCOTT of a media outlet. Where did you read the organization instituted a media boycott? You didn’t read any press release from the Royals to that effect because there isn’t one!

        A few players have decided to refrain from talking to certain media outlets — that’s it. And, it’s their right to do so. That’s probably a big deal for you, oddly.

        And, you think these players are playing with “inconsistency” simply because they are “coddled, comfortable ballplayers.” Wow … not much to say about that, LOL.

    • Ed Connealy

      no offense taken! Just glad you read us!

  • Ed Connealy

    There are some negative, consistent themes at work with this team and I am surprised they are not becoming obvious to such dedicated and smart fans. Yost is not a consistent tactician. But he does consistently go with his fleeting gut and always protects his favorite platers at all costs. Assuming he kept Vargas in to spare his deep bullpen after considering his long history and consistent trends is blind.
    As stated clearly in the post, a fan should not care about 810′s inconveniences, but should be concerned when it’s clear the team lacks maturity and shuns accountability. Moore feels like he won the world series, Butler thinks it’s ok to not get into better shape, Yost thinks it’s ok to run guys out every day that are horrible because he likes them and is “never wrong”. This is a pretty good team and if it did things more intelligently, had more accountability and tweaked it’s mental approach, it could be a real player come post season. The ingredients are there, but it’s going to end up half baked. That’s good enough for some of you, but not for many of us fans.

    • moretrouble

      The employment policies and procedures of the Kansas City Royals are beyond the purview of fans. While fans may think they have some personal connection to the team, it’s players and the manner in which club personnel policies are enforced — in reality, most don’t.

      To say that “Moore feels like he won the world series” or that “Yost thinks it’s ok to run guys out … that are horrible,” … those statements are based on insufficient information. Such comments are conjecture and prejudicial in nature.

      Fans have a right to express an opinion, but it’s sad that in today’s social media world, character assassination has become the rule, rather than the exception.

      • cardsfanatik

        I’m not sure he was totally off base though More. This team, when they hired Dayton dufus, was told 5-7 years, then it went to 6-8. I think when stupid (Moore) was hired, he gave a definitive time, (like 6 years) or something like that. The point is, this team is o.k., not great. Now, consider all of the players that Moore got to draft in the top 5, hell even the top 10, and look where this organization is at. NOWHERE near where it should be. You can’t argue with his point that Yostradumbass uses his “gut” FAR to much to be a big league manager. Yost sucks as a manager, plain and simple. Dayton is not all that great in getting “not miss” prospects. Ed is right in the fact that a .500 team is entirely to childish when they slap a little seeing eye single for a base hit. Whats with all the dicking around? You got a hit, its only a big deal to them, because they get so few. This team needs a veteran that is going to smack the shit out of them, and tell them to wake up, grow up, and play the damn game. Just because you get a doinker of a hit, don’t do the whole flap your hands around your ears shit, or whatever it will be next week. And the whole “hit it a ton” thing, should just be “hit the damn ball”. NOONE on this team has hit ANYTHING a ton this year. This team can get cocky, when, and ONLY when, they start playing like a major league baseball team, and not a shitty version of the Bad News Bears.

    • RBTGT

      Agree with the substance of your piece 100%.

    • Wes Loeffler

      Excellent piece, Ed. Moore was quick to send Gordon and Butler to the minors when they struggled, but when his guys are involved it’s “part of the process.” The process being losing. Francoeur, Getz, Escobar, Cain, and Moustakas. All given an infinitely long leash with accountability only coming from outraged fans. The front office is more preoccupied with “being right” than winning games. Unfortunately for us they’re not good at either.

  • jimfetterolf

    Ed, Sam just pretty much borrowed this whole piece. You’ve hit the big time.

    • RBTGT

      And, Mellinger made himself look like an idiot while doing so, something he is extremely good at where baseball is concerned, making several ridiculous assertions about the Royals, and this team, in general.

    • Ed Connealy

      Thanks Jim. In a small way, I feel like I have just won the snarky blogger world series