Jul 20, 2013; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Royals general manager Dayton Moore (left) and owner David Glass watch the Detroit Tigers during batting practice before the game at Kauffman Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

David Glass Has Reverted Back to Form

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, sometimes 140 characters (or thereabouts) can paint a very precise picture as well. That is certainly the case for the tweet sent out by Jay Alou, the agent for Ervin Santana.

So, let’s see if we have this correct. The front office, the manager, and likely Santana himself, all want a reunion. However, the man controlling the purse strings refuses to allow that to happen. This after David Glass green lighted the expenditures this offseason to bring the Royals to what appears to be the brink of contention. Why not go all the way, and invest in a team that could generate far more interest, and revenue, than they had in years past?

Earlier this offseason, after the signings of Jason Vargas and Omar Infante, it appeared as though Glass had changed his ways. He was spending the money needed to make the Royals a contender once again, even allowing the Royals to engage in bidding wars with the New York Yankees (!!!) for different players. Now, even with an influx of television money that is being shared by each team, Glass will not allow the Royals to make what may be the final move to end a 28 year playoff drought.

David Glass is 78 years old. He is at the age where most people begin to think about their legacy, to wonder about how they will be remembered once they have shuffled off from this mortal coil for whatever lies beyond. As it stands, Glass is going to be remembered as the biggest obstacle to keeping the Royals from being a winning franchise. He will be remembered as the man who took what had been a passionate fanbase, a collection of fans who lived and breathed Royals baseball, and has left them waiting for the other shoe to drop. He has taken a once proud franchise and reduced it to a national punchline, a team synonymous with atrocious baseball.

And yet, after all these years and all the frustrating seasons, the Royals had given us hope. Glass had let Dayton Moore bring in the players he needed to build a contender, and the Royals responded with their best season since 1989. Instead of the last two months being about where the Royals would pick in the draft, they were playing meaningful baseball. It was gratifying to see the Royals once again on the cusp of the playoffs. Now, if the Royals sign one more top notch starting pitcher, they could even be making a playoff appearance.

Except, once again, David Glass will not open the checkbook. The Royals may be one player away, and Glass, despite the assurances that he gave Dayton Moore back when he initially took the job as the Royals General Manager, cannot bring himself to part with another cent of his money. And that is going to be Glass’ legacy at this point – an owner far more concerned with lining his pockets and adding to his already substantial wealth instead of building a playoff caliber baseball team.

It makes one wonder what it would be like to have an owner that understands Kansas City and their fans. An owner that understands that we are ready, and willing, to pack Kauffman Stadium and lose our voices cheering as the Royals win. And not just win 60 games – to be a perennial playoff threat, the team they were back in the heyday of Royals baseball. It makes one wonder what it would be like to have an owner that cared.

Instead, we have David Glass and the thoughts of what could have been. Can someone get me another beer?

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  • jimfetterolf

    I wouldn’t get too excited about what an agent says in public. Apparently no other owners are willing to make it happen yet either, which suggests the price in money and years is too high. I won’t blame Glass if he won’t go 4/60.

    There is a reasonable number that will work, but if Baltimore wants him more to set a new record for homers allowed for four straight years, best of luck to them.

  • Chad Woelk

    If Santana really wanted to stay in KC he would of met them in the middle months ago and told his agent get me the best deal possible to stay in KC. 3 yrs, 36 mil is what should of taken place. Now our roster is full and Santana will end up pitching for Toronto or Baltimore and end up missing the playoffs. What could have been.

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  • cardsfanatik

    I don’t know, but Mark Cuban would look good in a Royal’s jersey. I know some don’t like him, frankly, I don’t care. I want an owner who is going to spend the damn money its going to take, not to “maybe” make the post season, but to gut stomp the opposition all year long, and wind up in the World Series. I WANT a Steinbrenner, or a Arte Moreno, I’m sick and god damn tired of being owned by Sanford and Sons. Glass, get your shit together, or gtfo. Seriously, I love what Dayton has done, for the most part, and I’m not a DM fan in the least bit. I don’t LOVE the Chen signing, but to be honest, I love Chenmusic, and would rather have him here, than somewhere else, but thats the little boy that just loves the players in me talking, from a baseball standpoint, that moves makes zero sense. I don’t really like letting Bonifacio walk for nothing, but oh well, its done. I don’t love the fact that our BIG pitching FA acquisition was Vargas, although I do like Vargas. I don’t like the fact that what this team needed was some pop, and got none. I know that everyone says that Aoki and Infante will add runs, and maybe they will, BUT only if the guys behind them actually hit the damn ball htis year. I’m excited about Hosmer, but don’t forget how he started last year. Moustakas to me is a wasted roster spot unless he comes out hot, and stays that way all year. Butler needs to seriously put together a 2012 season plus some, Salvy needs to just be Salvy, Dyson needs to only run, Cain needs less glass in his body, Gordon needs to hit .280ish with 20-25 HR’s and drive in as many as he can, Escobar needs to find something in between 2012 and 2013, and STAY THERE. The pitching CAN’T regress a ton, or we’re screwed anyway. Why are Davis and Hochevar on this roster? Davis+Hochevar+Bonifacio=Santana, or better yet, Burnett (to late now) or really close to it anyway. Now, I’m seriously worried about the future now also. What is Glass ass gonna do when Hos hits his walk mark?? What about extending Big Game? I don’t feel that Glass is ever going to ACTUALLY do what it takes to make this team a PERENNIAL winner, UNLESS, by the grace of God, DM starts getting really lucky, and everyone he drafts turns into a major leaguer. I can’t believe a man so interested in money is so stupid about baseball. Does this dum-dum not realize that a PACKED HOUSE and PLAYOFFS and WORLD SERIES equal HUGE REVENUE? Honestly, I’m not sure that David Glass has ever cared about baseball or the Kansas City Royals in his whole life. Weekly rants brought to you by me. Its going to be the same this year as last year, close but no cigar. It will be nice to watch some winning baseball, but when October comes, I will be watching a MIssouri team, but they will be from further East than Kansas City.

    • Dave Hill

      Cardsfanatik, that is exactly how I feel. I love Cuban, and would love for him to own the Royals.At least we know that he CARES about the team he owns, and that is missing in Kansas City.

      Like you, I do not think that Glass likes baseball. It’s unfortunate that a team with such a proud history, and an owner in Ewing Kauffman that loved his team, is owned by the polar opposite of what he was.

    • Tyler_KC_Fan

      Alright here is my debate with you again. Not that I disagree with you on the Glass part, I think he’s cheap and hurts the team more than he has helped the team. That in itself is a big reason why we haven’t made the playoffs with him as the owner. In my opinion, someone who has as much money as Glass, their is no reason the Royals should be known as “small market team”. We shouldn’t have one of the lowest payrolls in the league and being at $95M should be “breaking the bank” or “a gamble” as Dayton Moore discribed it. I feel like with the loyalty and the fact that even while they lose, fans still show up to the games. Last year, with us fighting for a WC spot I was never at a game that had less than 20,000 fans. Imagine if we had playoffs clinched and we actually were playing for the division. I went to a game where we had over 30,000 people there and the game was crazy. We ended up beating Detroit 1-0, which shutting down Detroit completely was unheard of during that time of the year.

      Where I disagree with you is the opinion on some of the players. Infante is a bigger signing and pick up then I feel you’re giving credit to. Have a legitimate 2B who has power and is a gap hitter is huge, especially with how our stadium is set up. Aoki led the league as a lead off hitter. With that as our lead off and the gap power of Infante our first two spots seem set. Then the power and production from Hosmer, Butler, Gordon coming to the plate is huge. Salvy seems to be getting better every year and Moose has been working on his battle at the plate since the season ended. Moose looks great and the way he played in Winter Baseball is promising. We have a line up that could be dangerous, and as much as people have bashed the R-L-R-L line up, the power and type of players we have this could really work.

      As for pitching, Chen isn’t going to be an all year starter. Moore and Yost want to see if Ventura is 100% ready to be a starter, which is why he will start in Omaha. Their are other reason why Ventura will be in Omaha but if he was 100% ready then he would be starting. About mid first half to the All-Star Break Ventura will be called up and Chen will be moved to the bullpen. Shields, Vargas, Guthrie, Duffy and Ventura could be good enough to make playoffs and win, especially with the defense the pitcher will have behind them and the solid bullpen as well.

      Shields will be gone after this year. The only way he stays is A) we make the playoffs and win. B) we win the World Series. C) he takes a pay cut and realizes he wont be making $100M+ or D) he knows that this team is his if he wants it.

      In my opinion, we let Shields walk after this year. As much as I want him to stay he will be to expensive and the more pressing matter is extending Hosmer. If we let Hosmer walk then we might as well pack up and go home on the thought of making the playoffs. In my opinion, Hosmer is more valuable and a much more important player than Shields. I love the fire and emotion Shields brings, but an every day player is more important than a once or twice player a week. By the time Shields exits the franchise Zimmer should be ready. Granted we don’t have what looks like a #1 starter because we would have Guthrie, Vargas, Ventura, Duffy and Zimmer, but if Zimmer and Ventura play to the potential they have you could put them up at the #1/#2 spot.

      The Royals have a top 5 defense. We had 3 Golden Glove winners and 2 finish second in Golden Glove. We have one of the best mid field duo with Escobar and Infante. Our corner infielders are arguably the most valuable duo in the AL. Gordon…stud. Salvy, once again stud. So all the pieces seem to be set their. Our bullpen is #1 in MLB. If our offense can play to the potential that they have then our inablility to sign Santana won’t be as big a deal. Our pitching is the exact same as last year except for Santana and our Opening Day rotation is a lot better than our Opening Day rotation of last year.

      If Glass opens his check book up and helps put together a team like Detroit then we would be a freak of nature team, I don’t disagree with you at all on that. But, if the lack of a #2 starter is the only big problem the Royals have this year by Opening Day then I feel good about our chances this year.

      • cardsfanatik

        I pretty much agree with everything you said Tyler, my point was only that for Aoki and Infante to be upgrades (which they are, no doubt about it), but for them to really “show” their value, everyone else behind them has to hit to what they are capable of also. Your right, if Gordon hits what I mentioned, and Butler comes closer to his career norms, and Hosmer plays all year like his last half of last year, and if Mushytacos FINALLY figures it out, with Salvy, this line up will be hella scary for an opposing pitcher. BUT thats a lot of ifs, now when you throw in the fact that after Sheilds-Vargas, kinda Guthrie (although I love him, I think he is due some regression) there is no SURE thing in the KC rotation. Noone is sure to give you league average starts. Thats what scares me. I think the money SHOULD have been allocated to land a SURE #2. Personally I like Burnett more than Santana, because it would have been a one and done type contract. I really don’t wanna give Santana 3-4 years, because I don’t think he will ever repeat 2013. But I still like him better than EVERYONE after Shields. Now, Ventura may be a stud, god I hope, but young guys struggle. And we can’t afford for anyone to struggle for very long this year. Thats the only point I was making. I don’t HATE this team, not in the least bit, I love the Boys In Blue, I just wish Glass wouldn’t send them to war with half full magazines. They run out of ammo, just when they get to the front lines. A #2 starter, they would probably be AT LEAST “THE” favorite to win the wild card. Cleveland wouldn’t even be considered, and all it would have taken is one more bullet. A # 2 starter, with the line-up and defense we have, would have made us, not just marginal, but one of THE teams to beat, not just in the A.L. Central, but in BASEBALL. Those were my only points. I think we actually agree on most all of it truthfully.

        • Tyler_KC_Fan

          I think we do agree on basically everything. I wanted Burnett for the same reason of it being a 1 year deal and the fact that he signed for $16M makes me believe we could have signed him if we really wanted. I like the analogy of going to war with a half full magazine because we are just one player short of being a scary team, but I think Moore and Glass are hoping Ventura is that guy and Zimmer will be that guy next year.

          I think out of the last 29 years this is one of the better teams we’ve had and started the year with, but I think a legitimate #2 starter would have put this team at the best in 29 years. I believe Moose will have a solid year this year (maybe a .275 batting average and double digit HRs. Which is all I want him to do this year) and if Moose can have his year this year then we have a line up no pitcher wants anything to do with.

          • Dave Hill

            Tyler, that’s essentially the crux of the article. This is a good team, but I am not sure that they are appreciably better than last year’s team with the expected regression from the rotation. Bringing Santana back, or adding a Burnett or another pitcher of that caliber, would have not just made them a favorite for the Wild Card, but maybe the AL Central.

          • Tyler_KC_Fan

            I don’t think the rotation has fallen that far though. If you look at Santana when we signed him he was coming off a pretty bad year. No one expected him to have the year he did. Santana was expected to have a better because he’s been doing the good-bad-good-bad trend his whole career. But having a career year wasn’t what we thought would happen. Vargas isn’t a bad pitcher. He may not put up the same numbers but he should post a high 3 ERA with the defense behind him and he won’t have to over pitch because the offense should help as well.

            We started the year with:
            Shields, Santana, Guthrie, Mendoza and Davis.

            Now we are most likely starting with:
            Shields, Vargas, Guthrie, Chen and Duffy.

            I think, starting the year off with the additions to the offense/defense, the fact that we kept our whole bullpen together, and that our starting rotation looks better to start the year, we have the best team right now that the franchise has had in years.

            I’m not disagreeing with cardsfan or you Dave in the fact that if we had a #2 pitcher who is actually a #2 we could be complete. But my point is,we never thought Santana would do what he did last year. How do we know Vargas won’t do something similar, or identical? Other than Vargas replacing Santana the only replacements to start the year are Duffy/Chen over Mendoza/Davis, and personally I take Chen/Duffy over Mendoza/Davis any day.

            (Keep in mind when Ventura comes up, if he pitches like he did in the 3 games he started, he could convert/improve the rotation more than Santana)

          • Dave Hill

            I agree with you on Chen/Duffy/Ventura being an upgrade over Davis and Mendoza. I’m just not positive that the upgrade there does anything more than counter the downgrade from Santana to Vargas. Unless Duffy starts to prove that he can be effective after the second inning, or Ventura is able to be that pitcher sooner than expected, I don’t know that the rotation really improved.

            My hopes for this season rest on the offensive improvement and the defense. I actually think the defense will help minimize the regression that I expect from Guthrie, and should make Vargas look a lot better than he would otherwise. Likewise, the Royals should be able to score some runs this season, albeit in an unconventional manner since they do not have that 30 home run hitter in the lineup.

            It still comes down to needing someone to step up this year and replacing Santana’s production, at least to me.

          • chiefs3182

            hahahahahahaha. We could of signed the top three prospects in free agency this year and not been the favorite in the Central. Man, your comments are so off base buddy. Good thing you don’t get paid for this!

          • cardsfanatik

            Just by your name, I can tell what sport you follow in Kansas City. I am not sure what Dave has done to you to make you pick at him as you do, but it annoys me, and your not talking to me. If you have something of value to add to a conversation, then please add it. It also helps to add to the conversation when it is not a month old. Now, since you just troll, and don’t follow whats going on in the A.L. Central, Detroit just lost their starting SS, and have NOTHING in house to replace him. There is NO guarantee that Cabrera will stay elite forever, and their 2nd baseman is on the wrong side of youth. V-Mart is definitely no sure thing. Any regression from Verlander or Sherzer, and they don’t look so tough in the rotation either. They gave Fister away, and replaced him with ?? Drew Smyly?? Good, but not proven over a full season, and by no means is he Yordano Ventura. I will match Shields with Verlander any day you want, Sherzer is a better number 2 than the Royals have, IF he shows up in last years form, and not the Sherzer of 2-3 years ago. Now, to the offense, Detroit is NOT as deep of a line up as Kansas City, and it has been a lot of years since I could say that, and be honest about it. But it is true. I think, you should probably do some research so you don’t look like such a fool when commenting. I could put stats here, but don’t have time to argue with you, please, I encourage you to comment, but please get yourself better informed before you do. If you honestly feel that we could have signed the top 3 in FA, and NOT been the favorite, there is no talking to you. We are not far off, and DIDN’T sign the top 3. If the season were to start RIGHT NOW, I like KC better than I do Detroit. Now injuries can change all that, but that can be said for either team.

  • Mr Blue

    David first of all you should change the title of the article, if you were to revert back to something then you would end up in the same place, maybe he has “reverted” to being a cheapskate, personally I think it’s possible but also possible that despite contrary belief we actually have enough arms this year to make it to the dance and that the pick which is worth close to 20 million is better than taking a gamble on Ervin being the same guy he was last year, I mean look at his career years, he’s so up and down that we really should cut our losses and take the pick while saving some money for possible shields extension talks

  • Kirk Stock

    I love how other people tell you how to spend your money when they don’t have all the facts. We have bits and pieces of financial information, but not even close to all the facts and “experts” are telling him how to spend his money. They signed Vargas because Santana’s price over 100 mil at the time was wayyyyy beyond reach. They beat the Yankee’s for Infante and yet he is “reverting back to his old ways”! Clueless is how I describe the writer.

    • cardsfanatik

      Then you don’t follow to much KC Royal’s Baseball. Signing guys like Bonifacio, just to DFA him cause we “Are past the break even point” Give me a break. Glass is full of shit. If 90-95 million is past his multi-billion dollar wallets break even point, sell this franchise to someone that can manage one, while fielding a perennial contender. David Glass doesn’t like baseball, he doesn’t like the Kansas City Royal’s and could not give a shit less about you or me, or any of the fanbase. Please don’t comment on stuff til you have watched shit baseball for 3 decades. Most of which have been under David “tightass” Glass. Yes, he is starting to pinch pennies YET AGAIN. And the Royal’s budget, and their payroll, are not, military secrets, they are not hard to figure, if you want to put a little work into it, which I am sure Mr. Hill did.

      • Dave Hill

        And with Glass being worth $1.3 Billion, it isn’t like he would miss the $10 to $12 Million it might take to bring back Santana or bring in another starting pitcher that could take this team to the playoffs…..

        • cardsfanatik

          And if he wants to be remembered for anything in Kansas City, other than as a Scrooge, he should change his ways. Right now, his legacy in KC is one of pinching pennies, and selfishness. To bad we couldn’t summon the ghost’s of Baseball past, present and future to scare the complete shit out of him :/

          • Dave Hill

            Someone needs to get a Ouija board and contact Ewing Kauffman this minute!

      • chiefs3182

        While I understand the hate for Glass (I hate him just as much) the argument to keep Santana is just dumb! And you keep talking about “facts” but yet we offered Santana the EXACT same contract that he signed. But yet Glass isn’t spending money.

  • moretrouble

    The only legacy that David Glass has is what he leaves his kids. And, what does he intend to leave his kids? A profitable family business. That’s it. You’ll find the KC Royals BOD packed with Glass children and the front office is led by one. He’s not about to lose money on a business he plans to give to his children.

    Hey, if fans don’t like it, then they should buy the team. But, that’s kind of like the property I’d love to buy out in Parkville. No matter how much money I have, if it ain’t for sale, I ain’t buyin’ it, LOL.

  • Patrick Sullivan

    Royals fans – you absolutely MUST stop referencing David Glass’ personal net worth as support for why the Royals should spend more on player acquisitions. Fans who say that David Glass is simply too wealthy to not spend whatever it takes to bring in a final roster piece needed to win sound like 13-year olds. Owners of businesses – especially those at the top, like pro sports teams – not only do not throw their personal fortunes into the company coffers, they construct protections to make sure that this moneyy is protected from any potential losses incurred by the business. What obligation does David Glass have to spend his own personal money to sign Ervin Santana??? None – NO owners in MLB do this. Yes, Steinbrenner used money from outside the Yankees, but it was profits from his publishing company and in later years the insanely profitable YES network.

    That said, Glass has very likely pocketed money in the past, and for that he deserves all the vitriol he has received. But lately, taking into account the 15,000-ish empty seats per game plus the league’s worst TV contract, people are kidding themselves if they think Glass is lining his pockets. Glass should feel no obligation to spend his own private fortune to take the Royals’ 2014 payroll one dollar over the present $90MM at which it stands now, and frankly, he doesn’t have to for KC to win.

    • wade phillips

      I think everyone bitching about david glass should open a restaurant and sell 16 oz. ribeyes for $5.99. Sure you will get zero return on your investment, but everyone who dines there will be happy and that is what matters.