Betting on Kansas City Royals baseball

Fans of the MLB have quite a long wait ahead of them, as the new season will not start until nearly April 2014, but debates about which teams will win the two leagues, make it through the regular season, or go on to compete in the World Series, will occupy at least some of the time between now and then. Of course, if you are interested in baseball betting, then this speculation serves the serious purpose of helping determine which sides are worth placing the bets on. One of the teams likely to be discussed is the Kansas City Royals – given that bookmakers consider them contenders for the World Series, as well as the American League in 2014.

The Royals are a little way away from the real hot World Series favorites, as they are on 25/1 with most bookies just now, but these are precisely the sort of odds that will tempt a punter seeking a solid outsider pick. At these prices they represent a risk, but not an insane bet, and if it pays off the winnings will be pretty handsome. The odds are shorter if you want to wager on them for the American League, with sports betting sites offering just 12/1 on the Royals in that competition. Once you have decided whether to bet on the Royals or not though, you will still have the rest of the close season to fill, and you should consider another way of putting baseball and gambling together: baseball slot games at an online casino.

These have proven to be something of a revelation for many fans of betting on sports, because of the different – but fun – spin they put on it. Hot Shot, a five reel online and mobile casino slot, which uses a raft of MLB imagery and sound effects to bring the theme to life, epitomizes so many of the reasons for this popularity. The sound effects, which many of these sports themed slots employ, really add another dimension to the game, while the graphics of pitchers, hitters and baseball caps on the reels are top quality. online casino games like Hot Shot are remarkably cheap to play as well, usually requiring a deposit of little more than pennies to compete for the big cash jackpot.

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