David Glass is Still Ebenezer Scrooge

Jul 20, 2013; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Royals general manager Dayton Moore (left) and owner David Glass watch the Detroit Tigers during batting practice before the game at Kauffman Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

After being told her countrymen were starving due to widespread bread shortages, Marie Antoinette, the Queen of France, quipped, “Let them eat cake.”  ( sweet cake, being a food requiring less ingredients than the sustenance providing bread they needed)  This comment, which may or may not have been uttered, took on symbolic importance leading up to the French Revolution.  It demonstrated the obliviousness of the Royal upper class.

No, this is not a rant on the wealth gap, or an indoctrination on trickle down economics.  This is about us peasants, the Royals Fans, demanding even more from this off-season.

I loved David Hill’s Scrooge analogy, saying how David Glass has seen the light and opened up his pocket-book for a change.  I’ll run with this theme some more.  David is still being Bob Ratchet to Mr. Glass’s Ebenezer Scrooge.  Me, I’m still a mad as hell commoner ready to burn down the Queen’s castle if I don’t get my bread.

I am pleased with the mature, sound, baseball decisions the team has made so far.  Damn it, I am proud of Dayton Moore.  He seems to be, dare I say, evolving and growing.

The Royals blatantly entered last season with an embarrassing situation at right field and second base.  These were decisions that smacked of Moore’s stubbornness more than Glass’s greed. Now they have bona-fide major leaguers at both spots, that solve on base percentage problems at the top of the line up.  He has bench players that will demand accountability from previous sacred cows, Alcides Escobar, and Mike Moustakas.

Moore has begun to break free from his self constructed jail of stubbornness.

The line up is better now than it was last year, and that’s worth a some wins. However, the starting rotation is weaker than it was last year, and that will cost several wins.  The quality decline from the rotation will trickle down on a now more heavily taxed bullpen.  (A bullpen that could never be expected to replicate the level of success enjoyed  last year)

It feels to me like Moore is really doing his job well this off-season.  He just needs more from Glass in order to sign that front line starting pitcher.  That move would push  this team into “expected contender status”, instead of ” if everything falls right contender status”.   If the Royals sign a top of the line starter, they can compete for the division, even if everything doesn’t go right.  Imagine all the people …..

Seriously, why create a scenario, where you have to hope for things to go perfectly to reach your goals?  Why stop now when you are so close, and it has been so long?  Considering the incredible return on investment, why not take the pay roll from 92M to 112M?  Mr. Glass, why can’t you go for it right now?

Mr. Glass, you heeded the advice of the Ghost of Royals Past.  Gone are the days of a wretched major league product that’s married to a horrible farm system.  You listened to the Ghost of Royals Present. You hosted one heck of an All Star week, and increased your pay roll to a modest level.  But you are not saved yet sir.

Listen to the Ghost of Royals Future ( that’s me dude).  Throw some money around.  Dance in the streets old man.  Because you can’t take it with you, and it’s almost Christmas.

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  • jimfetterolf

    Last year’s decisions on 2nd and RF were both based on depth and were fairly quickly resolved as David Lough dominated at Omaha and Miggie Tejada stepped up in KC. This year there was plenty of money and enough excess quality players to make trades to fix holes. For David Glass and Dayton Moore it has always been about building the whole team to a competitive level before wasting money on a short-term fix. Last year and this coming year they have reached the point of being a contending team, so a couple of excess quality players could be traded for a lead off hitter and a platoon partner for Moose. team’s in fine shape, Moore is doing a good job, and David Glass is being a responsible owner and businessman.

    • cardsfanatik

      You still need some rotation insurance. This line-up is better than last year, I won’t dispute that. However, the rotation is not. While I like the ceiling that Duffy and Ventura bring with them, I’m not sure they can carry the load all the way through the year. It doesn’t even have to be a huge move. I would love to see a trade for a Jake Peavy, or maybe even a Mike Leake. But this is essentially telling either Duffy or Ventura you don’t believe in them. You could do something like signing a Bronson Arroyo, 200 innings is just getting started for that rubber armed guy. His fly ball tendency would play better at the K than it did at that shoebox in Cincy. You could look to sign a Johan Santana and look for lightning in a bottle. Or a Roy Oswalt. There are still options there to be had, if DM pulls the trigger. But I feel like they need a veteran, just in case, guy. Not one that will cost trillions of dollars, but one that can be there in case the young guys can’t cut it. I don’t want to pay Ervin what it will take to keep him, and I feel this would block the young guns anyway. I love what Erv did, but he won’t replicate it. I’m just talking an insurance move. But you do still need some rotation help.

      • jimfetterolf

        I think the Rs are probably looking at Hochevar/Davis, whichever doesn’t start in the rotation, as that insurance. If they try to keep both Maxwell and Dyson it’s going to get crowded and won’t even be room to bring back Bruce Chen, the obvious piece of veteran insurance. Using one of the Old Guns allows Duffy or Ventura o be sent down for a month and replaced by Coleman or Joseph. Bringing in a new guy makes it awfully crowded and costs someone on the roster, which is full at the moment.

        • cardsfanatik

          That very well could be, but if bringing in a piece like an Arroyo or Oswalt cost us a Davis or a Hochevar, I would be ok with that. Neither one is capable of successful starting. They have proven it. I hope they’re not the “insurance” policy. I have no problem relying on the young guys, but before I put Davis or Hochevar back in the rotation, I would offer Roger Clemens, or Nolan Ryan a contract.

          • jimfetterolf

            And I disagree simply because Davis and Hoch are cheap, flexible, young, and have much superior stuff to the old guys. They can move to the rotation, then move back when one of the kids comes back up. Signing Arroyo buries Ventura for the year, then when Shields leaves Zimmer is blocked. That is the worst result possible. If you need an old guy, bring Chen back for a year cheap. No such thing as a bad one-year contract and Chen is proven to be able to handle it. But then Dyson has to be traded to go with a seven man bullpen, as Dayton Moore isn’t going to trade Hoch or Davis for Chen in the ‘pen. Moore has four killer arms at the back of the ‘pen and won’t mess with that.

          • cardsfanatik

            I’m just sayin, if Davis or Hochevar are the options for the rotation, then everything Dayton has done to take a step forward, he just takes two back with one of those two starting games. Unless Davis can actually learn how to pitch effectively as a starter. Hochevar never has been effective as a starter, no need to go down that dead end street again. I say before either one of those two go to the rotation, we need to put Ventura there instead. I said above, I have no problem going with the young guys. Zimmer is not a kid either, he was a college draft, so theoretically, he could be ready to go sometime this year also.

          • jimfetterolf

            Both Hoch and Davis have been quite effective at times as starters. Neither have been consistent as starters, although both flash high ceiling. Just a matter of whether they have fixed themselves this time. Ventura probably doesn’t come up until after his Super Two has passed. Zimmer at latest gets a September call, if Guthrie or Shields are traded mid-year he comes up earlier.

          • cardsfanatik

            Hochevar’s lifetime ERA as a starter is somewhere around 6, (didn’t look it up, just from memory) and Davis was close to 6 last year. I wouldn’t give them more than a couple of starts to figure it out, and that may be to much. You can’t keep relying on what HASN’T worked in the past and hope for better results. That is by definition insanity. We don’t have to throw money at any more pitchers, but giving either of these 2 a rotation spot is asinine.

          • jimfetterolf

            We know what’s wrong with both and most people don’t take ERA seriously for anything other than slamming Royals’ pitchers just as GDPs is only meaningful if Billy tops the list.

            Hoch and Davis will be used to start this spring, one may win the 5th spot. That’s all we know for certain. I remember last spring everyone was in angst over Bruce Chen possibly winning the 5-slot and in hysterics over bringing Santana in from the Angels. That’s why they play the games.