Oct 8, 2013; Detroit, MI, USA; Detroit Tigers second baseman Omar Infante (4) celebrates a double during game four of the American League divisional series against the Oakland Athletics at Comerica Park. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Winter Meeting Recap: Royals Favorites for Omar Infante, Johan Santana?


Aug 17, 2012; Washington, DC, USA; New York Mets starting pitcher Johan Santana (57) throws in the first inning against the Washington Nationals at Nationals Park. Mandatory Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Once again, all was quiet on the western front. Or, in this case, the southern front, since the Winter Meetings are in Orlando, Florida. Yet, while the Royals have yet to make any moves, there were a few nuggets of interest from today.

  • Former Royals reliever Tommy Hottovy has found a new home, signing a minor league contract with the Chicago Cubs. In his career, Hottovy appeared in 17 major league games, nine with the Royals last season, putting together a 4.05 ERA. However, Hottovy also has a 1.725 WHiP and has walked over five batters per nine innings. Chances are, he is a reliever in AAA unless injuries decimate the Cubs bullpen.
  • The Royals may actually be the favorites to land Omar Infante. Battling the Yankees for yet another free agent target, the Royals are apparently willing to extend a four year offer to Infante, which the Yankees are apparently loathe to match. While Infante would serve to fill a hole in the infield and bring a solid defensive presence to the position. While four years may be a bit much, the Royals may still feel as though they need to overpay in order to bring players in.
  • There is also news on the long awaited pitching reclamation project front. The Royals are one of eight teams to display interest in Johan Santana, as he looks to come back from his shoulder problems which have sidelined him two of the past three seasons, including all of 2013. Unless he receives an offer that he cannot refuse before then, Santana is planning on pitching in front of interested teams in January. If he looks healthy and has the same movement and velocity as he had previously, Santana could be an intriguing candidate for the Royals rotation in 2014.
  • Finally, there is this tidbit from the Winter Meetings yesterday. Maybe Scott Boras and Jay-Z?

Tomorrow, the Winter Meetings wrap up with the Rule V draft. Should the Royals select anyone, or have anyone selected from their roster, we will get our reaction out to you as soon as possible.

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  • Dave Lowe

    Wow, I’m not loving either of those players, Infante and Santana. Infante for 4 years is not appealing, and Santana is washed up. Not interested, and I’m ashamed that Dayton Moore is.

    • cardsfanatik

      I have to agree Dave. Yet another dumpster dive type year from Dayton the Dumbass. Thought maybe he was serious when he said we needed an “impact” bat. But apparently it was just blowing smoke up everyone’s asses. I’m sick and tired of Glass being a tightass, and Moore being an idiot, not to mention Yost couldn’t manage a pee-wee league tee-ball game. This team lost Santana. While he probably will never again match his numbers, you essentially replaced him with Vargas. He is league average. You did trade Frenchy for Aoki, which is an upgrade, but by how much? Is it a 10 win upgrade?? Hell no its not. Dayton your a failure, Glass, you need to call Mark Cuban and sell this team to someone who knows how to take care of the fanbase, because after all, what are the Royal’s without fans? Its been 3 decades since the Royal’s were a serious team. I for one am tired of the song and dance, smoke blowing and just all out lying. Dayton likes this team? Just shows you how much of an idiot he really is. He has lied to fans so many times, he actually believes it. Tell me where you find another 10 wins and around 100 more runs than last year Dayton? You have got to be the stupidest GM to ever hold the position. I shouldn’t act like this, but its getting to hard to be a fan of this team.

      • jimfetterolf

        So many possibilities: Vargas replaces Chen, one of the Young Guns, most likely the one who beat Verlander last year, will replace Santana and another will during the season take the #5 slot. We’ve got serious depth of high 90s arms, so someone will take over the slots. You probably hated the ’85 team with the mediocre old guys and the young punks and the worst manager ever.

        Aoki, while I don’t like the trade, is about a three win player who allows Gordon to move down in the line-up where a big bat was needed. We have to hope that Gordon is healed up from his concussion and returns to his normal self.

        10-win upgrade? Maybe you expected to trade a couple of relievers for Mike Trout :)? Ten wins will come a half here, one there, maybe two out of the blue. It’s a team game, that’s how it happens. Ask the Blue Jays and the Angels.

        Cuban won’t spend half a billion for the team and keep it in KC, just not his style.

        I like this team, but I liked them last spring when I predicted 85 wins, about the same range as the KoK average. At that time a surprising number of “fans” were proclaiming Santana washed up, Shields over the hill, and that Moore would never bench Frenchy and Getz. Some also predicted 72 wins. This year’s team looks 85-95 wins, usual ten game range based on health and luck. I’m good with the average of 90, which contends again. I have no trouble following a team that does that.

        • cardsfanatik

          LMAO. Ok, And Dick Howser was not the worst manager ever. Your watching one of the worst manager’s in club history. And how long did it take to bench Frankclutz, and cantGetzahit? Your problem is your relying on ALL unprovens. The ONLY sure thing about this team is they won’t make the post season. Maybe your content with mediocre, but I’m not. Has watching 30 years of shit, just made you happy to have a .500 team? I’m seriously concerned about your thinking our 30+million dollar signing of Vargas to replace Chen, and Aoki in RF all of a sudden puts us over the top? I’m being serious when I ask you if your name is David or Dan Glass, or Dayton Moore. And 10 more wins could have come in the adding of 3 players, not “Mike Trout”. If your inferring I am stupid enough to think this team can get Mike Trout, I really have no interest in talking with you. Shields will be Shields in the rotation. He will win 12-15 depending on run support, or lack thereof. Vargas will be league average, because thats what he is. Guthrie will regress, it will happen. After that, what now? You going to put Hochsuck back in the rotation? What about Wade Davis (I’m LOL’ing) Ventura may be a stud, but its very insane to think he is going to come in and pitch 200 innings of 3 ERA ball, and to get back to AT LEAST what they did last year, you need that from SOMEWHERE. Duffy can’t pitch more than 5 innings. Now to the offense, Aoki will get on, so Butler can hit into a DP. Yost will have the line-up so basackwards that noone will produce. You could give Yost 9 Miggy’s and he could screw up a line-up. Now the “big bat” we’re looking at is Infante? For shit’s sake man, I’m glad your happy about what they are doing, but please be realistic, not just optimistic. I believe Dayton was never seriously IN on Carlos Beltran either. I think it was PR, and he knew all along that Carlos was going to NY. Which doesn’t break my heart, because it sounds as if it was either/or with Carlos and BB. Its not like they can put a team on the field that will score “to many” runs. That would win a championship, we can’t have that now, can we. And at this point, when the Royal’s finish third in the division AGAIN, I can only HOPE that Cuban does buy this team and move it. Your above post gives NO information as to where any of these extra 5-10 wins to put this team at 90-95 wins is going to come from. Its all hopes and prayers. Nothing concrete. While I know there are never certainties, you have a better shot at more wins when you add to a team, not just fill in what you lost with the same, or not quite as good as what you had. Put down the Kool-Aid, and have a glass of reality water. Now I know your going to disagree with this post, but when you do, come back with numbers, not just “what-if” words. Your going to count on Mushytaco’s to double his production? He has close to 1400 PA’s in the majors. He is what he is. And he is not what he was made out to be. Hosmer may continue to grow, or he may not. Escobar is a black hole at the plate, which is fine, he is good on D. Salvy will be above average for a catcher. Gordon will either be the Gordon of ’12 or the Gordon that struggled at times in ’13. I do believe that moving him down in the line-up will help his numbers. Billy should NOT be in the 4 hole. 3, 5 or 6. Hosmer or Gordon are the clean-up hitters. Which is kind of depressing when you look around the league at the numbers of clean-up hitters. Cain, well, he may or may not play a full season. Now, if the Royal’s sign Infante, ok, he’s an upgrade, IF he doesn’t regress any. Bonifacio would be servicable, but nothing to write home about. I just don’t get where your excitement is coming from. I don’t think they are all “that far” away. But they are still not a playoff team at this point. Still missing that “can’t miss” bat. That’s IF they sign Infante. If they don’t, then you need an even bigger bat. The pitching WILL take a step back this year, and I see nothing on offense to be excited about, other than watching to see if Hosmer keeps going, and if Mushy can hit over .200.

          • Patrick Sullivan

            I have never read a more shallow, less nuanced take on a baseball team in my life. Vargas will replace Chen, Shields is Shields, yada yada, let’s move on?!? Seriously? If one more person acts as if we let a perennial CY candidate walk in Santana I’m gonna f’in scream. Even if we resigned him, we were never going to have Santana v.2013 on out roster this year, b/c he was NEVER going to pitch like he did last year, ESPECIALLY in the first year if a 5 yr/$100MM contract. You are the same troll as everyone – sh*t on what we’ve got, but provide no solutions or realistic options. So we agree Mike Trout is untouchable, who isn’t? Who is the idiotic triumvirate missing here? Pray tell, wise one. But as idiotic as thinking we could get Trout, is thinking anyone in this organization thinks that Infante is the power bat. He is the 2nd baseman we ALSO need just as badly! He is also a career .318/.355/.410 player who when combined with Aoki and Gordon, make up an on-base machine that ranks in the top of the AL. I’ll take my chances with those three hitting (not in the same game
            mind you) in front of Salvy, Butler, Hosmer, and a hopefully resurgent Moustakas. You can hate all this young talent all you want, but the Royals drafted and developed them and they were considered by all to be top, elite prospects with power. If they don’t hit, then EVERYONE loads their jobs. You know how else everyone loses their jobs? By letting Moose walk for nothing, at age freaking 24, and watching him turn into Matt Holliday or Scott Rolen. Love them or hate them, but the Royals are stuck with this core and they better pan out. They have to. If we give up on them, we start over. If they fail, we start over. Only option now is to buy tickets, get behind them, and pray their offense follows their defensive progression and our starting pitching only regresses one run a game, rather than 2 or more. Call me an optimist, but I’m all for ceiling that a lefty-righty, alternating rotation of Shields; Duffy; Guthrie; Vargas; and Ventura provide, especially if Zimmer has replaced Guthrie by August 1st.

          • cardsfanatik

            I’m not sure what the point of your post is, but if you read mine, you would see, I said Santana would NEVER replicate what he did in ’13 anyway. I don’t care where Santana pitches next year. What I said is this, YOU HAVE TO REPLACE WHAT HE DID, JUST TO GET BACK TO WHERE YOU WERE. You don’t have to RESIGN HIM. But you have to replace what he did. I’m laughing at everyone who thinks this team got 10 wins better this offseason. Your all obviously the “fans” that Dayton targets with his hot air speeches. Not to mention, if you have been watching the Royals rotation you just talked about, Duffy is not a two starter, RIGHT NOW. Will he be, maybe, if he can ever pitch more than 5 innings per start. Furthermore, you don’t know me at all, I have said for 2 years now, that the young pitchers need to pitch, or get packaged in a trade to help win. Stop leaving them at AAA for a year or two to long. My problem is not with the pitching staff anyway. But it won’t be as good as last year. It will be ok, IF Duffy and Ventura step up, but those are pretty big “IF’S”. My problem is with the already sub-par offense from last year, only being given Aoki for help. Dayton needs to add offense. By most calculations, the Royal’s need to score between 85-100 more runs next year to compete. You think that Moustakas is magically going to start hitting .290 with 25 HR’s? I don’t, he has ZERO plate discipline. You think Escobar is going to raise his OBP 75 to 100 points? Not likely. Oh and Omar Infante is NOT A CAREER .318/.355/.410 hitter, he is a .279/.319/.402 hitter. Little difference there buddy. Hosmer might be a power bat, but Butler is not. Ever see what happens to a power hitter in a line-up with no protection? Sal is not true protection, to much of a free swinger. Gordon and Hosmer won’t bat back to back because of Ned’s LRLR stupidity. So you put Hosmer, Butler, Double Play, Gordon up with 0 on and 2 out. This team needed more offense this offseason. They got a veteran pitcher in Vargas who is league average, and I liked that signing btw, more so than giving Santana god knows what. After that, let the young guns have at it. But this offense needed help, and didn’t get it. At least not yet, now they are talking about BB to the Blue Jays. If its not for Joey Bats, then why are they trading him to Toronto? Or talking about it. You can say whatever you want about or to me, but I guarantee, the FO knows what you seem not to, that this team needs offense, and Billy Butler is not the answer. They will trade him for whatever, and sign Nelson Cruz. Which I hate BTW, You need to add offense, so BB can bat 5th or 6th. Not trade him for something similar, or worse. This team has piss poor management, and ownership. Do me a favor, and hold your breath til KC makes the post season. Now, if by some freak chance DM lands Jose Bautista, I will of course change my entire outlook on Dayton. But its going to take something along that line for me to believe he is not a complete moron. And yes, I am tired of “what we got”. Cause its not enough. So I am shitting on it, as you say. Dayton needs to make a statement. Its time to stop being “content” with hoping. Its okay to depend on a “few” young guys, but the whole damn line-up can’t be a question mark. Right now, you have no offense from SS, 3rd, you have not enough from DH, The questions are 1st, will Hosmer start up where he left off last year, maybe, maybe not, I hope so. 2nd, Bonifacio is a huge question mark. LF, Is Gordon the .300 hitter, or is he the .265 hitter? His OPS+ has dropped 3 years in a row, and he is 30 now. CF, Cain, can he play 150 games? He’s never played more than 115. RF, Aoki, I think he will be okay, but his numbers are trending down also. Dyson looks like he’s chasing moths with a net at the plate. He is not a good defender, but his speed covers his mistakes on routes and jumps. Maxwell is a fine 4th OF’er with some pop. Lough is okay as a 4th OF’er also. Sal Perez I love. I’m laughing that you think that I am being to critical of this team. I want you now, instead of just posting some “here’s to hoping” comment, look up some numbers, and get back with me. But don’t come at me all smart-assish, with nothing to back it up. And I am no troll sir. I am a realist. The pitching will not be as strong this year, and the offense didn’t get 100 runs better. You can just look up runs scored last year, and know that we will also allow more runs this year, and the math is not that hard to do.
            To save you a little work, here you go, 2013 Runs
            Detroit: 796
            Cleveland: 745
            Kansas City: 648
            Now to your “considered to be top, elite prospects with power”, just see Brandon Wood. Some make it, and some don’t. Moustakas has had more than enough time to show what he is, or is not. Can he turn around, sure, if he’s not to good to be coached. And they have not “developed” this whole roster. Their best SP, the 2nd baseman, CF’er, RF’er, and SS came via trades. Dayton has missed more in development more than he has hit, and not everyone can screw them all up, no matter how hard he tries. You could be watching Sale pitch, instead of Colon at AAA just so you know. And you COULD have had Mike Trout instead of Aaron Crow. So, my reason’s for being sarcastic and down on Dayton are much deserved by him.

  • jimfetterolf

    I could survive Infante, depending on “no-trade” clausing. I keep trying to like Colon and see some ceiling, but it’s not working for me. After Colon we get down to international signings in A+ and AA, still a couple of years out, so Infante fills what has been a systemic need for the organization for about four years. I’ld rather overpay with cash than part with any useful prospects and 4/32 for Infante seems a much smarter move than 3/42 for Beltran.

    • Eric Akers

      I agree. I am wondering if he would take a little more than $8 million per year for three years instead.