Christian Colon will look better in a Royals uniform that at least one in the Getz family. Photo by Matt Ryerson-USA TODAY Sports

Colon would look better than at least one Getz

Chris Getz and his wife, Nicky, have more in common now that they both have been eliminated from their “races.” Photo by Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Christian Colon spent the 2013 season playing for the Kansas City Royals’ AAA team, the Omaha Storm Chasers. A shortstop out of Cal-State Fullerton, he split time last year between second base (75 games) and shortstop (54 games). The Royals chose him fourth overall in the 2010 amateur draft. Of that year’s 50 first round selections, including supplemental picks, only twelve players have made it to the Majors.

Colon is not one of the fortunate few.

His batting average has been dependable and steady. In A, AA and AAA ball he hit .278, .268 and .278, respectively. Including his year in Rookie ball, his batting average in the minors is .274.

He doesn’t have much power. In 131 games last year, he only had 27 extra base hits out of 140 total hits. Twelve of those extra base hits were long balls, which might be encouraging at first glance. However, the Pacific Coast League is known for allowing the big fly in its parks, and that league can even make a player like Chris Getz look like a power bat. Except Getz had a grand total of only one home run in 32 AAA games for Omaha, so, evidently, not even Getz could make Getz look like a power bat in the PCL.

One of the 12 players who has made the Majors from that 2010 draft is Baltimore Orioles third-sacker Manny Machado. Chosen one spot ahead of Colon, he not only made it to the Show, he was selected an All Star and won a Gold Glove in 2013. Like Colon, Machado’s batting average in the minors was consistent and steady. He hit .263 in 3 years in the minors before the O’s turned the hot corner over to him.

In 2012, Wilson Betemit (yawn) was blocking Machodo’s path to the Majors. In 2012 and 2013, Chris Getz (snore) was blocking Christian Colon’s path.

How would you like to be blocked by Getz, a guy who when you Google his name you’re more likely to find photos of his wife, Nicky, who competed (if that’s the correct term) on the popular “The Amazing Race” television show? Although, looking at her pictures, no one is arguing that the trade off is more than fair, especially considering the amount of time Royals fans had to spend with Nicky’s husband these past 4 years.

And while there is no doubt, based on extensive internet research, that Nicky would look far better in a Royals uniform than Chris, it’s pretty clear that Colon would come in a close second. He can’t look worse than Chris, can he?

The Royals, evidently, must have thought so these past 2 years. Which makes you wonder, why did the Royals hang on to Getz one year too long? Was Colon as ready as Machado was last year? How good would Colon be in 2014 if he had spent time in the Majors in 2013? We’ll never know. It’s like the Royals and Orioles were competing in different races.

And for some reason, in the race to earn the second base spot, Getz kept getting in Colon’s way. Amazing.

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  • jimfetterolf

    Totally inaccurate to claim Getz was blocking Colon in ’12 and ’13, but we can’t let Getzie go, can’t accept that it was wrong to think that Getz’ one-third of a season in ’13 was solely due to aberrant psychology on the part of Ned Yost and Dayton Moore. Royals finally have some depth and versatility at 2nd, so Chris is gone and Gio won’t be far behind him.

    Now we can, with Yuni, Frenchy, and Getz gone, switch to obsessing over Moose, the current major hole in the line up and who has nobody behind him until Cuthbert or Dozier a few years down the minor league road, a similar situation as to what kept Chris Getz in a KC uniform for four years.

    • Terry LeRoy Payne

      Infante can play third base if Moose doesn’t improve. Bonofacio or someone else can play second.

  • Terry LeRoy Payne

    Compare Getz to Falu. Irving has like a 100 higher average in his major league career. Falu can play all the positions. Getz is really only a second baseman. Falu is a switch hitter. Getz is weird in that he hits left handed pitching even though he bats left handed.

    To persons on the outside, it was insane to keep Getz. Here there was a definite clouding in judgment. However, Colon is made is a similar mode. He has no power and bats only bats in the 270′s in Omaha. In the Majors he will be just as Getz. No power and a low slugging percentage. Colon has not been dropped years ago only because he was a first round draft pick.

    Lough had a good spring training last year. If they had gone with Lough from the beginning of the year, maybe they might have won a wild card spot. Go back in time and put Lough in right field and Falu at second and we would have been in the playoffs. But the way was blocked by “buddies” of Yost.

    It will be interesting to see how Falu does for the Brewers. If he does even bat at his off year average last year he will place egg squarely on the Royal’s management’s face. I believe Falu to be one of those hitters who bats better in the majors than the minors.