New Look for Kings of Kauffman Mobile

First, let me apologize or my hiatus.  There were internet connectivity issues and I’ve just now gotten things restored to access WordPress.

While my mobile phone isn’t the best at maneuvering around WordPress to make a good posting, I’m never far away from Kings of Kauffman, and now, the mobile site has been reconfigured to look cleaner, more sleek. If you’re on a phone now, you should be seeing it now, with compressed articles, listed by title, so as to squeeze in as much past content on one page as we can manage.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should next time you’re on a bus, or the subway, or avoiding co-workers in the break room.  Just pop open your web browser and find Kings of Kauffman.  You should probably bookmark it, really.

You can also catch us on the go through our mobile app, good for Apple and Droid phones.

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