Wil Myers is the best Trade Chip We Have


By many accounts Wil Myers is the best prospect the Royals currently have in their farm system.  Assuming that Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas will both lose prospect status with their time in the majors, Myers becomes the leader of the bevy of young talent the Royals have.  Myers was a special talent coming out of high school and projects to be a special talent at all levels going forward.  He got off to a slow start this year and battled some injuries, but he has picked it up in May and June and looks to be getting things back on track.  His season numbers are not that impressive but that is mostly due to a poor April that saw him only hit .261 at the plate as the battled knee injuries and finally sat out a couple of weeks to get things right.  He has looked more like the top 10 prospect we all thought he was going in to the season since returning from injury.

While Myers may be a great talent that many people are looking forward to, his biggest asset to the Royals may just be as a trade chip.  Before all the prospect-ers around the Royals get up in arms, I ask you to hear me out.  Currently the Royals reside at or near the top 10 in nearly every meaningful statistical categories in the Majors.  The Royals are 6th in average, 7th in OBP, 15th in SLG, 11th in OPS, 11th in Runs scored, 1st in Stolen bases, and 6th in hits.  Considering the last 10 World Series champions have averaged ranking 10th and 7th in OBP and SLG, respectively, the Royals have proved they can provide offense at the level close to a World Series champion to this point in the season.

Obviously, a talent like Wil Myers would only go to strengthen such an outfit, but he might be more valuable given what he could bring in return.  Packaged with a high-risk, high-reward prospect like Chris Dwyer who has had some issues this season, and maybe another lower level prospect, the Royals could net something back in return that is quite good.  If we use the Greinke trade as a model then the Royals could provide Myers, Dwyer, throw in Robinson Yambati and maybe a David Lough or Johnny Giavotella and the Royals could grab a legitimate ACE with that haul, without sacrificing the farm as the Brewers did.  That leaves the Royals with their top 3 pitching prospects still intact, not to mention Jason Adam, Noel Arguelles, and Yordano Ventura, giving them a total of 6 possible front end prospects left to move through the system.

Further, with Bubba Starling coming in they would have an elite hitting prospect coming into the system, coupled with the emergence of Cheslor Cuthbert and others, the Royals are not without hitting depth either.  This is also not taking into account that current young stars Eric Hosmer, Mike Moustakas, Lorenzo Cain, Alcides Escobar, et. al. who are only going to get better.

Here is the question that is posed, if my trade proposal is Myers, Dwyer, Yambati, Lough and the Royals could net a Felix Hernandez or a Jered Weaver, would you make the trade?  I am not an expert on trade value so I’m not sure if that would net out, but if not, then set me straight and tell me who the Royals could get with that package. Personally, I would make the trade, but that comes with a caveat.  I would only make that trade if I knew that the person I’m trading for would be here long term.  Hernandez probably doesn’t want to spend the next 10 years in Kansas City so he wouldn’t be the one to go after, but if the Royals could find a willing party who is ready to commit and will be here when this team’s window opens up 2014-2016, I would pull the trigger on this.  What say you Royals fans, would you make the trade?  If you can think of a better package, please post below and let us know what you think the Royals’ best trade option would be.

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  • geo

    Never mind if I would make that trade, neither the Mariners nor the Angels would. Beyond Myers that is a laughably bad package, especially for Felix.

    Now, would I make that deal? No. Not because it’s Myers, but because the Royals are nowhere near being just one ace pitcher away, and until they are, you don’t trade your prospects for one, period.

  • Jeff Herr

    I am definitely not a ‘trade value’ expert, but I don’t think the value is as far off as you are making sound. Laughably bad package? Why? Myers is as an elite of a hitter, talent-wise, as they come, Lough is a solid outfielder the equivalent of a Lorenzo Cain, Dwyer might be struggling but he has some value, and Yambati is a young, raw talent. You might have to switch him out for Ventura which I wouldn’t like as much, but I don’t think it’s a ‘laughably’ bad package as you suggest.

    Further, the question here, which you answered, is that would you make a trade. I don’t like the idea of trading prospects any more than anybody else, but if we were confident we could get a young pitcher that we could get to stay here for 5-10 years it would be worth it. Nobody thought the Mariners were just one ace away and look what a difference Pineida has made combining with Hernandez, they are only 2.5 games back with the worst offense in the majors, compared to the 10 game gap the Royals currently have.

    If we had Felix and Duffy or Monty became legit, we would be a better team than they are with our offense. This is why I presented the package I did, so we could keep most of our high pitching prospects with the hope that one of them would turn into a legit #2.

    Difference of opinions are good, just food for thought.

  • Ed Kranepool

    It’s too early to deal away prospects for an ace. We’re in dead last in the AL right now and teams in dead last do not go get aces. Maybe your trade suggestion is for next season some time? I would say it’s too early then, as well.

    I would argue that the timing for such a trade would put anyone above A ball pretty much out of the trade equation. As strange as this may sound, Bubba Starling is more likely to be part of such a trade than Wil Myers, imo.