1,241 Words About the Callaspo Trade You Might Enjoy

Over on Call to the Pen, Nathaniel Stoltz is our minor league expert and author of our every-Thursday column, This Week in Prospects (TWiP) .  On top of all of that, he also handles our in-depth analysis of most of the major trades that occur. Along those lines, I encourage you to check out 1,241 words on the Alberto Callaspo trade that you may enjoy, brought to you by the mind and keyboard of the one and only Nathaniel Stoltz.

Yes, this is a bit of shameless self promotion.  And yes, you may have found your way to the article by way of the trackback link in the comments of Michael’s article on the deal.  Regardless, I truly value Nathaniel’s thoughts and opinions (though we often disagree) and wanted to make sure everyone was aware of them.

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