The 2012 All-Star Game Will Be In KC

In what I find to be a wildly exciting announcement, Bud Selig is scheduled to be in Kansas City next week (Wednesday, according to Sam Mellinger) to award Kauffman Stadium with its first All-Star game since 1973, its opening season.

Once construction began to renovate Kauffman Stadium, the lobbying began to get the All-Star game and show off the new look. As if Royals fans needed another reason to look forward to 2012, with most of the major prospects expected to trickle in at that point, adding the All-Star game into the mix amps it up even more. No word yet on when tickets become available, but the line forms behind me.

Also I plan on snagging a dozen or so homers from the Home Run Derby.

Really though, think about that. How many balls can hit the Fountain Bar (447 feet to refreshment)? Or do they have reinforced panels on the Hall of Fame to weather the barrage of blasts? Who’s going to fish all those baseballs out of the fountains? How awesome is that going to be? Can we get Mike Moustakas voted in as a starter? So many questions.

Even better, I think this gives a lot of casual baseball fans a chance to see the Kansas City experience. How many shots of pulled pork are we gonna see over that period? Or the multitude of fountains throughout the city…or the skyline…or the Jazz District…the Negro Leagues museum…

It makes me wish Buck O’Neill was still around to be there. Then again, who doesn’t wish for Buck to still be around anyway?

So 2012, here we come. Kansas City becomes the center of the baseball world. Hopefully we have a winning ballclub to showcase as well.

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