Browsing the Royals Community (Again!)

I’ve come across some pretty interesting articles about the Royals in the last week or so. I always like to learn something new and discover things I hadn’t thought about yet. Luckily, that curiosity is widespread amongst Royals fans, and we’re not shy about sharing. Check these out sometime during your day (and then come back here, of course):

  • Clark Foster at Royals Authority asks how many players away the Royals are from contending.  The answer?  Well, a lot, yes, but there’s reason to hope.
  • Jason Kendall leads the majors in stolen bases against.  But it’s not ALL his fault.  The league seems to have identified a couple of Royals pitchers who are prone to the stolen base.   Craig Brown (also at Royals Authority) looks at who those are.
  • Would other teams attempt to steal on Brayan Pena at the same rates?  We’re not sure, and likely never to find out because Kendall has played nearly every inning possible thus far.  As Wil McDonald points out at Royals Review, he’s not the only one.
  • Martin Manley over at Upon Further Review looks at Ubaldo Jimenez‘s hot start in context of Zack Greinke‘s hot start to 2009.  A year ago today, they were in nearly the same spot, performance-wise.  Interesting stuff, considering both started their seasons with historic pitching records.
  • Speaking of Greinke, he’s become among the best pitchers in the game.  Thankfully, the Royals drafted him in the 2002 Draft, otherwise who knows where we’d be?  Jack Dempsey over at Royals Prospects looks at the entirety of the Royals 2002 draft class and what they’re doing now.
  • And while we’re looking at draft classes, Clint at 14 for 77 checks out what current mock drafts look like as we approach the 2010 draft, as well as what it might mean for the Royals and their fourth overall pick.  There are a couple of names I glanced at as well not too long ago.

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