Baseball Side of FanSided (12/18)

Time to take a stroll around the MLB blogs of FanSided.

  • Birds Watcher seems optimistic about the additions of Garrett Atkins and Mike Gonzalez.  I’m not sure I would share that assessment, but it could be that I’m just bitter thanks to the Jason Kendall signing.  I’m trying to be okay with the move but I keep coming back to a word that I will refrain from using on this site.
  • Blog Red Machine thinks that the return of Laynce Nix spells the end of the Jonny Gomes era in Cincinnati.
  • BoSox Injection seems awfully content with the state of the current team.  I wonder what it feels like to look at your team’s roster and feel mostly content.  When I look at the Royals present roster I want to … ah nevermind we’ve got Jason Kendall!
  • Lasorda’s Lair has been busy keeping tabs on the Dodgers news and rumors.  Jamey Carroll and Aaron Harang?  Check.  Juan Pierre?  Check.  Ah, the envy.
  • Marlin Maniac does some deep thinking while examining the trade value of positional scarcity.  If you can’t get enough of Michael’s work, head here.
  • Motor City Bengals has a poll up asking if the Tigers have a vision.  Head over and rock the vote.  I wish the answer was no.  It’d be nice if someone else, especially one of our AL Central foes, would join the downtrodden organization party that we’re having with Pittsburgh.  Washington is at the door, but they showed up with a 12 pack of generic beer, and we’re not sure whether or not we should let them in.
  • Rayhawk Review wonders if Grant Balfour is worth 2.1 million.  After watching what Kyle Farnsworth, Yasuhiko Yabuta, and Juan Cruz did last year, my answer is one-million times yes!
  • Reviewing the Brew reports that the Brewers resigned recently non-tendered RHP-Mark DiFelice.  Looks like the Royals missed out on another potential opportunity.
  • Rising Apple is still waiting on Jason and Bengie.
  • Rum Bunter reports that the Pirates have cut 14 communities from their caravan schedule.  I just hope the Pirates keep doing crazy things.  That way the Royals aren’t the lonely guy sitting by himself in the corner booth.  Misery loves company?  Amen.
  • Sodo Mojo and Mariners fans everywhere just witnessed a miracle the week before Christmas.  Actually, as baseball fans, we all witnessed the miracle, but they get to experience it firsthand for the entire 2010 season.
  • That Balls Outta Here pontificates on Christmas, toys, and Roy Halladay.
  • Tomahawk Take seems puzzled that the Braves haven’t made more of an effort to bring back Adam LaRoche.  I’m puzzled too.  It seems like a good fit from where I’m sitting.
  • Twinkie Talk openly wonders if the Twins should trade Justin Morneau.  Sometimes I read a headline and my jaw just drops.  There was another 1B playing for the Twins back when I was a kid who was, like Morneau, larger than life.  I’d be willing to bet that Kent Hrbek doesn’t hold up very well to sabermetric analysis.  Maybe he does, but it doesn’t change my opinion.  Thing is, he and Kirby were the heart and soul of of the 80s and early 90s teams.  Morneau and Mauer are the heart and soul of this generation’s team, and their value because of that goes well beyond what statistical analysis may reveal.  Maybe it is because I’ve been beaten down as a fan of the small market Royals, but I live by the rule that you don’t trade your stars unless you have to.
  • Venom Strikes published If You Have a Pulse, the Dbacks May be Calling.  Title kind of says it all.
  • Yanks Go Yard is trying to deal with the reality of who Johnny Damon is and what his priorities are.  It is a lesson that those of us in Kansas City know all too well.  The difference is that Damon didn’t bring us a World Series title and being that he was born in Fort Riley, KS he was considered one of us.  That is, until he refused to sign long-term, forced his way out of town, and took Mark Ellis with him.  It was a move that gave Royals fans Angel Berroa, Roberto Hernandez, and A.J. Hinch.  Thanks for nothing Johnny.

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