Cold Wins the Battle of Motivation

Today is one of those days where my lack of motivation has, for the most part, won the battle over my compulsive urges to write.  This is likely due to my recent lack of sleep and the fact that I have been fighting a cold off and on for what seems like a month now.  Still the urge to write could not be completely quashed and this is the result.

I could provide you with some drivel about how the Gold Glove Awards are a joke, but you hopefully already know that.  Frankly who did or didn’t win doesn’t alter my world view in any way and a multitude of posts have been published with reactions to the AL GG Awards released today.

The general generic GG criticism has revolved around comparing the guys who won the hardware this year with the guys who should have won the awards using UZR/150 as the measuring stick.  In my opinion, there is more to defensive value than just a player’s UZR/150 and it is getting to the point that using the stat as an argument for who should have won the Gold Gloves is almost as ridiculous as the who actually won the awards.  We all know that the BCS system sucks, so when someone starts to point out the reasons why it sucks, I kind of drift off.  The same thing typically happens when people take shots at Gold Glove winners.

Late tonight, however, I came across one GG vs. UZR/150 article that I thought was extremely well written and got my attention.  For what it is worth, I may be a little biased in my opinion since the author of that post, Michael Jong, is also the lead blogger for FanSided’s site Marlin Maniac.

I tip my cap to you, Michael, on a job well done.

Really that is all I have for tonight.  I need to head to bed, take some Hy-Vee Nite Time* and sleep soundly until a combination of my wife, 5 year old son and 2 year old son rouse me from my generic Ny-Quil induced slumber to start another day.

*Expect more from an employee owned store!!  Seriously Hy-Vee Nite Time works wonders.

Before I go, I wanted to share this with you that I came across via the Baseball Think Factory.  Something about this picture just made me smile.  Baseball is a beautiful game in any setting.

Oh, and in case you haven’t already noticed, Rany has emerged from his hiding place to post this.  Welcome back Rany!

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