The Blue Titanic: We've Lost Rany and Other Links

Last night Rany posted I’m Done over on his blog.  It is allegedly his last post on the Royals until February 2010 at the earliest.  I don’t know that I believe he is really done writing about the team, but I certainly understand where he is coming from and largely share his feelings.

I myself have been frustrated and disgusted with the direction of the ML team, the construction of the roster, and the delusional drivel that Moore and Hillman continue to spew.  My solution was not to walk away or stop writing about the team, but rather to focus more of my energy on the Royals farm system.  In the minors, the news is generally better and less exposed to the “taint” of the ML team.  Rany has written about this team for years so if he is done, be it on a permanent or temporary basis, can anyone really blame him?

I am confident that he will be back because he is a true Royals fan and a brilliant writer.  Fact of the matter is that at some point something will move him to write a post whether he wants to or not.  Until that time comes, the Royals blogosphere will be a lesser place without his contributions.  Although I presume this is a temporary loss, I remain saddened.

After reading Rany’s post, I read the handful of comments that were already posted, and was struck by what an anonymous person contributed:

I made a promise to a good friend of mine that if Greinke doesn’t win the CY Young this year, I’m done too after 23 years. Soren Petro made a great comparison how much success the Cardinals had and how much failure the Royals had since 1985 even though the market size is the same. The Blue Titanic is not changing course. No matter how badly it hurts, I’m making the break regardless of the CY Young results. I’ll always follow Greinke and Butler but the Royals no longer. It’s pointless until the entire philosophy in the organization changes. It’s like going to a church that still worships golden cows.

Well said anonymous poster on Rany’s blog!

In the spirit of the Blue Titanic, here some other links to enjoy today that I have flagged throughout the week:

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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